Saturday, August 19, 2006

Last of the pics from the Reunion

Here are the last of the pictures from the Reunion. What a great get together!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Silly Shower Game

The second part of the Reunion took place at the Plaza Suites where they had a nice warm pool with two huge floating snakes. Sadly I did not get any pictures. I was in the water having fun with Reeve & Kyle and the rest of the kids.

After swimming we had the the baby shower portion and a silly baby shower game which the kids participated. The object of the game was to see who could stuff the most baloons into their shirts.

It was really funny to watch. Kyle tried his best, but the balloons kept falling out of his shirt. Gina and Mary did most of the preparations for the game by blowing up countless balloons.

Jacob won!

Cross-stitch for the Baby Shower

During Part 2 of the Guilbeault Family Reunion there was a baby shower for William Richard Guilbeault. I have a dear friend who also has a blog that was the inspiration for this blog. Dana's blog frequently includes her latest knitting projects. I think it's fun to see what she's working on, so I thought I'd include some of my cross-stitch projects. Dana was also the inspiration for my love of cross-stitch, and I designed this cross-stitch from one that Dana made.

Guilbeault Family Reunion - Part 1

Here are some pictures from the first part of the Reunion at Gene Guilbeault's house.

Tenetia and Reeve are getting the baloons ready for the Baby Shower (Brian & Cassie's William Richard) game to take place at Part 2 of the Reunion.

Guilbeault Family Reunion - Eau Claire, WI

It had been awhile since we visited a Guilbeault Family Reunion, but everyone there always makes us feel right at home. This year they had the Reunion about 90 miles from our house at my Dad's cousin Gene Guilbeault's house and the Plaza Suites in Eau Claire, WI.

I didn't take all the pictures that I wanted to take... I guess I was to preoccupied with catching up and having a good time. There were a lot of Guilbeault's & Santi's in attendance this year, and a lot of them came from great distances. Nick Guilbeault and his wife Elizabeth traveled in from Boston.

Bill Guilbeault's (another cousin to my Dad) traveled in from Boston (I think?) and New York. It was really difficult to keep up with everyone and where they were from. Pat Guilbeault (cousin to my Dad) and Tom Christopher traveled in from Boulder, CO.

Nancy & Bill Guilbeuault and their son Brian, his wife Cassie, and their new 3 month old baby Will traveled in from Appleton, WI. Gene and Mary Santi came in from across the border in White Bear Lake, MN. Their son Steve and his wife Lisa came with their kids Tenetia, Xavier, Alex & Jacob... also from the White Bear Lake area. John Santi and his wife Colleen and their two girls Jocelyn and Gina traveled in from Apple Valley, MN. Andy Santi traveled up from Brookfield, WI with his son Peter. It's quite possible I got some of that wrong, but as you can see there was a lot to keep up with.

Part 1 of the Reunion was hosted by Gene Guilbeault at his house in Eau Claire. We had a delicious lunch and the kids had a great time playing with each other.

Volk Field Family Day

Every year Tommy's work place has a Family Day picnic. Reeve and Kyle have a lot of fun playing the games and getting the prizes.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Night Bike Lesson

Reeve wanted me to post the dark night time bike photos. He's so happy that he can ride a bike without training wheels. Please ignore the fact that the grass needs to be cut :-).

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bike Ride to the Pool

The one thing about our camping trip that we regret was not bringing our bicycles. We NEED to get a car rack for them. Reeve was pretty bummed about seeing everyone else on bikes, so we promised him a bike ride to the pool when we came home. It's about 10 miles by car, so I'm guessing it's between 10-15 miles by bike. There are some big hills that we have to overcome before we get to the even grade of the bike trail.
The bike trip was one hour each way and then we spent about an hour at the pool. It was well spent family time. Reeve really LOVES to bike ride. This past week Tommy taught Reeve how to ride his bike without training wheels. Reeve learned to do this on our rocky gravel driveway! No sidewalks around here. He was soooooo excited when he did it all by himself. The pictures I took weren't very good because it was so dark outside (we couldn't get him to get off his bike; he wanted to ride all night).