Monday, July 16, 2007

Myrick Park Zoo in LaCrosse, WI

Last Wednesday Reeve and Kyle had a dentist appointment in LaCrosse, so we made a day of it. Reeve and Kyle LOVE going to the dentist. I love this dentist! He's also trained in Orthodontics and has started to correct the crowding in Reeve's teeth. Kyle's teeth are totally different and are very nicely spaced. They love this dentist because his office is loaded with video games and a free gift when they're done. They were cavity free this visit...Yay!
After the dentist we decided to surprise them and took them to a free zoo in LaCrosse.

There is a free zoo like this in Madison (Henry Vilas Zoo), but I've heard from several people that they like this zoo better. The spider monkey island was pretty neat to see. It is tough to see the animals behind bars and in cages, but overall I'd say they do a good job with their living spaces.

They had "Bucky" Badger there. He was a real badger, but he was eating with his back toward us, so no pic of him.

There were lots of Peacocks, a couple of Bobcats, some grey foxes, goats, donkeys, ducks, and deer.

The kids went on two kiddie rides. Reeve was way too big for the motor cars. We're thinking we definitely need to make a visit to DisneyWorld in November. Reeve is 7 and has never been to the Magic Kingdom...I think they're at the perfect age for a first visit.

Swimming Graduation was on Friday. My Mom was there to watch Reeve and Kyle Graduate to Level 2. That'll start in a couple of weeks (Jul 30th - Aug 10th). The teacher said Kyle was a little fish, and Reeve was the only kid in the class to start practicing his Freestyle stroke. We're so thrilled that they both love to swim now. I remember a time when Reeve was around 2 yrs old and he hated to even see me in the pool. He would cry and yell at me..."Mama feet out! Mama feet out!"
After swimming Graduation we had to say goodbye to my Mom. She really helped us out! During the 2 wks she was here she read the Nurse Matilda stories to Reeve and Kyle...part of their book club reading for the library. Friday after Nana left we went to the library to watch "Nanny McPhee"...the movie based on the Nurse Matilda stories. In the movie and book Nanny McPhee (aka Nurse Matilda) says that she will be there for the children when they don't want her but need her, and she must leave when they want her but no longer need her. Reeve couldn't help but notice the similarity with his Nana. Nana came when we needed her, but then left at a time when he really wanted her to stay.
Nana will be back in October to help when Billi Jo will go on vacation and has asked me to help with her loan applicants while she's gone.