Thursday, January 11, 2007

We Made It!

After drving a total of 547 miles yesterday we made it to Indiana and we'll stay here with my folks until next Tuesday.
Our route is pictured above. We started the day out by returning library books in Elroy. Then venturing over to La Farge to buys some organic cheese, butter, and eggs direct from Organic Valley's main outlet store (cheap!). Next stop was to Viroqua where we picked up a case of organic apples and a 25lb bag of (you guessed it) organic carrots. The day was going great and we were ahead of schedule. Next stop... Hillsboro for our buying club pick up at 1:45pm.
We arrived in Hillsboro at 1pm, (at this point in the trip we've already gone 80 miles) and set up the delivery site. Reeve and Kyle love to help me set up the tables and then unload the truck. I knew the driver would be there early, and he arrived at 1:15pm. I was the only one there early, so Reeve, Kyle, and I unloaded the whole delivery (about 2 pallets worth) and then we organized it all before anyone else showed up. Out of breath I loaded up my car and headed for Hustler, WI. I had picked up two other orders for friends that live in Hustler in addition to my order. We arrived home about 2:30pm. I made the kids food and then I made some road food. I unloaded the food from the car, and then loaded the car with our traveling gear. I fed the cat in his kitty condo (his outdoor enclosed home), had the kids go to the bathroom, and then suprised them with "I'm ready to go to Indiana right now!" They thought we were going to leave the next day. They were beyond excited and we loaded up and left by 3:45pm! Now you ask... "Laura what was your secrect? How did you do all that in an hour and 15 minutes??" My answer : CHOCOLATE COVERED COFFEE BEANS (fair-trade, of course). Keep in mind I don't drink coffee! As a matter of fact I'm still feeling the residual jolt :-).

Our first stop was for gas in Rochelle, IL. I was cold, the wind was blowing, and somehow I didn't end up with a full tank of gas. Next stop was about 100 miles later in Le Roy, IL where Reeve and Kyle insisted that I pull over at a gas station immediately because they had to go #2! What?!? Just when I thought it was sooo easy to travel with boys. We were successful and filled the tank and I made sure everyone got everything out and we were back on the road. Reeve and Kyle both requested that I play rock-n-roll music so THEY didn't fall asleep, and they didn't! We arrived at my parent's house 7.5hrs later at 11:15pmCST.

Tom is now in Driggs, ID where he's enjoying excellent powdery snow, THE BUM!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Reeve Lost his First Tooth!

After eating 5 apples (shared with Kyle & Mom) then Mom flossing his teeth, Reeve's first tooth came out while he was brushing his teeth. He was so excited and proud! He couldn't believe it finally happened. Kyle was dancing around the room singing about how Reeve lost his first tooth while Reeve couldn't stop looking at himself in the mirror.

We called Tom and told him the news right away. He was thrilled and told us he had a great first day snowboarding in Bozeman, Montana. They're checking out of the Bozeman Inn today and traveling about 2hrs to another Montana ski hill called Moonlit Basin. He said the snow is great and they're expecting more snow today.