Thursday, March 01, 2007

More snowy scenes

The nice thing about all this snow is that the temps are pretty mild, so at least we can get outside and enjoy it. Sooo many times we get snow and then it's like 10below with a 40below windchill. Who wants to go out in that? It's always around the end of February when the temps are steady above freezing that we see the end in sight. I'm always amazed at how on a sunny day 35F can feel downright tropical.
The other nice thing is that this snow is providing a lot of insulation. Since our house is built into the slope of a south facing hillside we are very insulated. I've noticed a huge difference in the amount of wood I'm putting into the woodstove. It's a lot less now that we've had a few of the white stuff and the indoor temps are steady around 70F.

This is a picture of my spinach row cover... remember the wire fence that I cut, bended, and covered with plastic. Well now it is completely covered with snow. I noticed the bunnies were hanging out in there before the blizzard came! Ugh! They better watch out for Tom. He's rumored to go "nuts" when he sees animals eating our spinach. Luckily bunnies are not on the endangered species list.

Here is one poor little bunny chewing on a root by the old house that we've yet to remove :-).

The snow pushed over our fence that was partially created for bunny and deer control. Thank goodness I haven't seen any deer tracks in the backyard. I'd go "nuts" if I catch them eating my apple trees. That's fur sure! Yah!

The kids won't be swinging for awhile:

We have our snowshoes ready :-)

From the land of Ice & Snow

What can I say? We got lots of snow, and now we're in the middle of an ice storm.

The kids are having a blast! I caught them just non-challantly walking on the roof! Whoa! Get down from there I said. What are you doing? They discovered that the snow was high enough that they could just climb up and walk on the roof.

When they got off the roof they decided to go under the over-hang in a "cave" that they found.

After hanging out in their snowden they decided to go rolling in the snow for awhile.

While I was shoveling the driveway out Reeve said he was going to make a snowman. About 5 minutes later (short attention span) he said he was done. The snow was a little wet and I guess hard to work. I should have helped him, but I didn't. I told him he made a perfect snow baby. The picture is really hard to see, but if you click on it it will get bigger and you can see the snowbaby a little better.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blizzard at Our House

Well we got about a foot of snow yesterday and then about another foot last night in the BLIZZARD. We actually had a BLIZZARD here! I drove to work yesterday and took the county roads there. They were clear and it only took me 30min vs. 15min. Well after work I decided that the roads might be clear enough to go the shorter route. Why did I do that? The wind was blowing so much that it blew about 3 feet (NO KIDDING) of snow into one ridge portion of Lee Road. I got stuck! I had to get out and kick the snow out from in front of all my tires. It felt like an eternity, but it was really probably only 5-10 minutes. I finally made it out.

Our neighbor usually plows out our driveway, but there was so much snow that his little plow got stuck and he didn't get very far! Thank goodness I didn't have to drive to work this morning!

Before Reeve and Kyle even had breakfast this morning they were suited up and ready to go outside in the BLIZZARD.

Just look at the front of our house! It's burried!

And this is what happened when I opened the front garage door:

Tommy decided it was finally time to put the knobby tires on his bike. He actually plans on riding his bike to work tomorrow! You know it IS probably safer than riding his little Ford Festiva in to work!

Good luck honey!

Cross_Country Skiing in the Porkies

On their adventure to the Porcupine Mtn's in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan they went snowboarding the first day and cross-country skiing the second day.

During their cross-country ski trip they met up with a friendly Great Dane puppy named Caesar.

Caesar followed them everywhere. Reeve was in the lead and Caesar would run up to Reeve and then back to Kyle and Tommy. They said he really wanted to make sure they got out of the woods safely.

Caesar's owner came looking for him on a snowmobile, but it was useless. Caesar would not leave Reeve's side. The owner finally gave up and asked Tommy and the boys to ski Caesar back to the Lodge.

Aren't Great Dane's just the greatest!