Friday, July 31, 2009

Stella Update...Reeve Update...Tom Update

Stella went to the doctor on Wednesday for her 3 month check-up. She's very healthy and in the 95% for height (25"...I think???) and weight 14lbs 13oz.

Reeve and Kyle went to the free movie at the Elroy theater yesterday and it was a full from Wonewoc, Hillsboro, & Elroy. It was announced the Reeve logged in the MOST reading hours for the 1st & 2nd Grade level. He won a plane ride (local I think) or a ride in a motor cycle side car. He hasn't made up his mind which one to choose.

Tom's on Twitter now and has made 8 tweets. You can get to his twitter page by clicking the link I put on this page in the left column...above Raye's links.

I have pics to post, but I just wanted to make this a short update.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Last of June Pics

I'm trying to get caught up!
Here are some pics from our camera from June!
Last year I posted pics of our country are some from this year.

It's a HOT tub heated 100% by the sun, and believe me it gets HOT...over 105F on a sunny day (which we haven't had too many of this year!). When they are not in it it has tubes inside it that are heated by our solar hot water panels.

Kyle givin' the ole thumbs up for wasn't too hot for Stella.

Stella's giving Tommy one of her Elvis lip curls in the pic above.
It's been one of the coolest summers I can remember, but I'm not complaining. They had to cancel swimming lessons twice b/c temps were in the low 60s.

She loves her Papa!

Stella hanging out in her swing...waiting to grow up so she can help save the planet :-). Reeve and Kyle can hardly wait to help Tom install solar electric and solar hot water panels.
Tom helped finish the remodeling for a new B&B in Hustler, WI. The Innkeeper Barb is holding little Stella in the pic below...

When this was an assisted living home my Grandma Corky lived in this room. It's been widened and a bathroom added. Now it's called the Vincent Van Gogh room. Each of the 8 rooms at the Fountain Chateau has a different theme.

Before the Fountain Chateau was an Assisted Living home called the Fountain Mission Home it was a hotel in 1923. They refinished the original front desk in the pic below.

And here is a picture of the fountain at the Fountain Chateau.

On the first and third Sundays of the month there is a jazz brunch. This pic was taken at a different time but Simply JP heads the jazz music. Kyle had fun playing the piano with her.