Saturday, June 13, 2009

Video Test, Ant farm, Stella, Moth

I'm trying to upload a video. I've tried before, but failed...hopefully it will work this time.

Reeve LOVES ants and was given an ant farm for his birthday. The green gel was developed by NASA and it's not only their "dirt", but also their food. They're pretty fun to watch. I was completely amazed when I saw that they had created their own cemetary! Reeve said that wild ants will do the same thing.

Stella is up now, so this is going to be a short post. Tommy is comforting her right now, but I know I need to go soon.

She had a great visit with the midwife on Wednesday for her 6week check-up. Her face is clearing up nicely...they said if it didn't then she might be allergic to dairy or wheat...luckily it's pretty much all cleared up and I don't have to cut those out of my diet just yet. Stella has grown 3 inches, she's now 2 feet tall, and she's gained 3lbs to weigh in at 12lbs!

In this post there'll be some pics of Stella going cross-eyed, Stella with her brothers, Stella in a swing...which she LOVES, and a really bizarre and beautifully colored moth we saw when we visited our midwives.