Friday, April 10, 2009

Reeve's 9th and Laura's 38th Week

Reeve LOVES LEGOS... Before his birthday he built this huge lego tower. His cousin wanted to see pictures of it, so Reeve directed how many and what kind of pictures I should take to post on the blog.
Picture #1: View from top looking down

Picture #2: View from bottom looking up

Picture #3: View from top looking down center

Picture #4: View from top looking at man on observation deck

Picture #5: Proud Reeve with his tower

Reeve had a great 9th Birthday. The weather was beautiful and the kids had tons of fun playing outside with his juggling birthday presents (juggling pictures to come later...)I'm such a bum! The only picture I took was of him blowing out his birthday candles:

The sad sad story about the carrot cake...I was supposed to bake this cake in 3 spring form cake pans. I don't have 3 spring form cake pans, so I decided I'll bake it in a lasagna 9x13" pan. I baked it for 25min, just like the recipe stated. When I took the cake out of the oven it looked okay to me...I should have inserted a fork to check the center, but I didn't. Next I let the cake cook then I made the cream cheese frosting. The recipe called for 4 sticks of butter!!! I decided to not use any butter. It also called for some sugar which I substituted with honey when it dawned on me that I didn't put ANY sugar in the cake! I proceeded to frost the cake with the cream cheese,honey,lemon juice didn't exactly go on smooth. It was very lumpy and not at all pretty. I found 9 candles and I put them on the cake then we sang Happy Birthday to Reeve. He was soooo excited because carrot cake is his absolute favorite cake (he's had it in restaurants and never one made by me...that he can remember). Well the moment came to cut and serve the cake. When I made the first cut it was total goo...the inside had not baked at all! I told the kids I'd have to re-bake it...I baked it for another 25 minutes...still gooey inside. Reeve was in tears...not because he didn't get any cake, but because he said he felt like he pressured me into baking something I just wasn't capable of baking. He later told me that he was embarrassed for me.
All ends well...Tom came home and saved the day. Tom kindly explained to me that cooking in a lasagna glass pan is TOTALLY different than cooking in 3 separate cake form pans and that I needed to cook it for at LEAST twice as long. He baked the cake again and then we let it cool and put it in the fridge for the this time it was almost 11pm. The next morning we tried it and it actually tasted okay for being baked 3 times with goopy cream cheese frosting and no sugar.
Reeve was impressed with Tom's baking skills and was very proud of his Papa for saving his birthday cake. Next year I'll know better.

I think I'll stick to cross-stitch vs. cake baking. I've done as much as I can do with my latest cross-stitch, now we wait for the baby to come so I know what name and date to stitch.

My feet are usually swollen by the end of the day, but in the morning I'm feeling pretty good for week 38...only 12 more days to go.
Reeve took this profile pic of me this morning.

We see the midwife again today and then next week she'll come here for a home visit. I've gathered all my diapers and baby clothes. We have the rear-facing infant car seat in the car and checked to make sure all three kids will fit. The kids have practiced putting diapers on their teddy bear and buckling the bear in the car seat...I think we're ready.