Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Stell

As promised...Stella's first day of "school". She loves it when we set up the bed into the couch and tables and then get out her "learning tools".
She was all set to go with her abacus and tea:) We actually have a lot of fun and spend a couple hours each day learning new material and review previous material. It's fun to watch her grasp math concepts, learn phonics, and creatively draw.
 There was a rainbow around the full moon the other night.
 Stella in her Red Hot Cowgirl boots and cute outfit. She loves to play by herself. Reeve took these pics of her when he saw her having fun riding the Solarayetor.
 She loves to be goofy!
 She was so excited when I surprised her with a trip to one of her favorite beaches, Onekahakaha.
There was hardly anyone there on this Thursday afternoon!

 Afterward we dropped Kyle off at Tae Kwon Do and walked up to the skateboard park to play at the playground and watch Reeve catch some air.
She's a no slippah kine of wahine :) (Translation: The girl does not like shoes)
 Reeve in green helmet and green shirt.

 The picture does not capture the beauty here. We are at the highest point in Pahoa town...looking toward the east and the Akebono Theatre. Our home is just a mile down the road. Kyle's Tae Kwon Do Class is in the white building.