Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Cow Lick

Reeve's Mohawk got a real cowlick! We visited our neighbors down the hill and around a bend and their steer Ricky is VERY friendly.
 I was laughing so hard and then running around to the other side because I was facing the sun that I missed capturing the actual lick to the back of Reeve's head!
Reeve preferred feeding Lady, their 20 year old mare. They just got her, so we had never met her before. She is very smart and gentle...someday in the near future...once Lady gets settled in...Reeve and Kyle will get to ride her!
They have 2 steers...Ricky (the licker) and Hank...Hank is a tad more reserved, but still very friendly. Meet Hank:
Kyle spent his time running around with their dogs. Zeus is the German Shepard and Angel is the Doberman. Kyle was playing "keep-away" under the picnic table. Fear not...Kyle was giving a fearful look in this pic for dramatic effect. Zeus and Angel could not be nicer dogs!
Stella was SQUEALING with JOY at every turn where we greeted a new animal. She LOVES dogs and I can honestly say I've never seen a baby get more excited to see a dog! We saw rabbits, but I had to keep Stella at a distance...they were worried that her excited squealing might give the rabbits a heart attack! Reeve got to go into the chicken coop and gather 5 fresh eggs. All in all it was a great play date!

At home Stella has been enjoying her toy car. She's hard to capture in pictures because as soon as she sees the camera she goes on a mission to get it.
In this pic above you can see her saying "Hey there's that gal with the camera...I want it!" The hat I knit her still fits!
Kyle still fits in the car and had fun with the static electricity!
In addition to playing in cars Stella LOVES to talk on the phone. We have a corded no worries about radiation around her developing brain :-)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Business & Baby

We have been busy weeding in the garden, working for our renewable energy company, raising 2 boys, and enjoying the last month or so before Stella officially turns 1!!!

Tom and I are getting into the groove and accepting the fact that our company is finally a permanent gig. We've been together 20 years now and sprinkled throughout those 20 years we've had a few self-employment businesses, and many, many, left-over business cards.
The picture above is just a sample of the business cards we now use the backs for small notes, phone messages, and book marks. I don't know how many we ordered...I want to say it was a box of 1000 for our first business together...See More Clearly. We still have a ton of these cards left.
I remember hand drawing the design of the window, frame, and sparkle shine (note Tom's initials TC in the shine). It doesn't seem like 20 years ago! Reeve and Kyle crack up when they see Starving Student Rates. They thought that sounded horrible...after they discovered the cards they come up with new questions about starving students: "Who wants to hear about starving students?" they said, and "Why are students starving?", and "Was Papa really starving?".

A couple of businesses we started we didn't bother getting business cards. Like the food cart business we started with our friend Cory in Madison. (Cory now owns and manages his own Grill & Malt Shop). Here is a sample menu...complete with little rainbow magnets in the corners!

 A picture of Tom and the food cart parked on MLK in Madison...
 Cory, Tom, and Cory's Dad built that cart in freezing temps on our old driveway on Lacy Rd. I think they did a fine job. It was a fun business, but soooooo much work! I remember Tom getting up a 3am to get to the certified food kitchen we rented from La Brioche Bakery to start making all the food he was going to sell that day. It wore him out! One of the coolest things about that business was buying from local Tipi Produce, Shooting Star Farm, and Nature's Bakery even made us a custom pita bread. The kids LOVE to hear the story of when we vended at the Badger State Games. It was a baseball game and we had hand-made over 200 veggie burgers from scatch! They were delicious! BUT we only sold a handful there...not even 5! However...I had listed on the menu HOT DOGS...I didn't say what kind of "hot dogs" they were. Of course they were vegetarian, but not one single customer questioned it and we sold out! We must have sold 100 veggie hot dogs and no one even suspected they were vegetarian and we had people coming back for more!

Okay now we track forward to NOW where we are a thousand times busier than those fond memories and our little angel Stella will be one year old soon! I'm already starting to tear up about her not being a "baby" anymore. She's started to take her first steps (unaided) all on her own. She's LOUD...she screams with joy...she screams with angst, but overall she's just plain happy. She makes me Reeve and Kyle happy. She makes me & Tom happy.

We set up a tent that my Auntie Mary Lea gave Kyle. She LOVES it!

Her latest thing is she likes to try to put clothes on...doesn't matter whose clothes it is...and then look at herself in the mirror. Too. Cute!