Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mother's Day & Turkeys

As usual I'm a bit behind on posting :-(. We've had a lot going on here! Since I last posted I've studied for and passed my Loan Originator exam through the Wisconsin Dept. of Financial Insitutions. I'm now a licensed Loan Originator and working for the same small company that has hired Tommy to sell Real Estate...One Stop Realty & It's part-time for now, so I'm still working at Kwik Trip, but I've reduced my hours at the gas station significantly. The biggest change we've noticed so far is that we both have cell phones now! What a convenience.

This is a pic of the flowers I received from Tommy and the kids for Mother's Day.

The kids wanted to plant a flower garden for me. They did all the work themselves. They removed the weeds, loosened the soil, found some flower seeds, spread them out, covered them with potting soil, and watered them. I was very touched.

Tommy took this pic of the kids making grapefruit/orange juice. Kyle needed to wear glasses so he didn't get squirted in the eyes. Tommy rides by a lot of beautiful wild flowers on his way to and from work. He picked the beautiful purple flowers recently.

We always hear a lot of turkeys around our house, but I'd never seen one in the garden before. They're such an odd looking bird. They really look prehistoric. This pic is blurred because I took it through a window.

Hope you all are having a safe and memorable Memorial Day weekend! We took the day off yesterday to go to a neighbor kid's graduation party. It was fun and good to get in touch with the neighbors. Reeve and Kyle had a blast playing with the other kids there. Today should be warmer than yesterday, so I plan to get a lot done in the garden and yard.