Friday, October 19, 2007

Horse Parade by our house

I think these were taken the last weekend in September. Tom was outside and noticed the yearly "horse parade" by our house.

A group of people who get together to ride their horses around our area. It looks pretty neat when they all ride by our house. Reeve and Kyle even had candy thrown to them. The horses were was all so unique.

Kyle had his 5th Birtday yesterday! He was sooooo excited to be finally 5. I'll post some more pics soon of that. Last weekend we celebrated with my Dad. He and my Mom drove up for the weekend to watch the kid's soccer games and celebrate Kyle's 5th Bday. My Dad drove back on Sunday, and my Mom stayed to give me a reprieve from home schooling while I focused on work. My boss was originally going to take a vacation, but now we're using the time as more training opportunity and we plan to make presentations to Realtors next week about what our office does and what programs we offer. Then I'm going to take a break with the kids and drive my Mom back to Indiana.