Friday, February 09, 2007

Cool article on ACV

As many of you know we drink raw apple cider vinegar like water around here. Reeve and Kyle love it, and I attribute their good health to it. I usually mix about 2 tablespoons of raw honey with 3 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar, with about a quart of water. Shake it up, and you have what Tommy calls "honey dew" (a healthy alternative to Mountain Dew).
I just found this article on it, and it is also beneficial for lowering blood pressure, and relieving arthritis.
Enjoy Fresh Produce and a Healthy Glow with Apple Cider Vinegar

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Reeve's story.... Part 2

Please read the post below for Part 1 of this story.

We loaded up the car and left.

We found the perfect camp spot. Kyle staked down the tent. Papa put some oil in the cook stove, while Mama hid with the mac-and-cheese. She didn't want to get us too excited while we were setting up the camp.

We went canoeing and we were happy that we had decided to go camping.

The End

Reeve's Story... The Best Vacation... Part 1

Here is Reeve's final entry for the contest. Poor Reeve, this is his 4th attempt for this contest. His previous attempts were either a rushed coloring job or way too many words. I think his first story had over 500 words and the maximum word count for 1st Grade is 200 words. He was shocked when Kyle completed his story the first time out with one page removed and he ended up with 200 words. He couldn't let Kyle enter and not him, so he gave it one more try. The irony is that Reeve is constantly writing stories, but we couldn't submit any of his other stories to date because the rules say they can only be on one side of the paper. I had to convince him not to write one of his creative adventure stories, but maybe a story from his real life, and this is what he came up with.

The Best Vacation, by Reeve Raye
One day we decided to go on a vacation. Mama cooked up some pizza, made some sandwiches, and I got out the cooler.

Papa got out lots of camping gear: tarp, hammer, tent stakes, lantern, tent, sleeping bags, and the life jackets.

Mama and Papa had already packed their bags, so Kyle and I started to pack ours.

to be continued....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kyle's story continued

Please read the post below this one first :-)

This is the continuation of Kyle's story:

We went down the hill and we bumped and bumped down the road. Reeve said "WEEEEE," adn I said "Stop the ride," and Papa said "We're almost down the hill guys."
When we got down the hill we crashed our car and went up in the air. When Reeve heard the crash he said "WEEEEE," and Papa said "I wonder what's happening," and I said "We're up in the air...Stop the ride."

When we got to the place that we were goin, Mama was so behind that I had to walk the stairs myself and I was thinking so much about the love that the love helped me up the stairs.

The End

I'll post Reeve's story tomorrow. I should also mention some of the rules. They had to have at least 5 illustrations and for their age group they had to have between 50 and 200 words (no more, no less). The 200 words or less was a real challenge for Reeve at first. We had to edit Kyle's story and I think it ended up being 201 words! Reeve's story finished out at 121 words.

Reading Rainbow Contest... Kyle's story part1

My kids LOVE the PBS kids show READING RAINBOW, so they were very excited to enter this year's Young Writers and Illustrators Contest.

I can only up load 4 pictures without problems, so here is the first half of Kyle's story.
He illustrated the pictures first, then dictated the story to me.

One day Papa woke first before Mama. Usually Papa sleeps in, but this time Mama didn't even know it was daytime.

Then I woke up. When Reeve woke up it was school time. Reeve woke up before Mama, so I had to be his Math teacher and give him his math tests.

Mama woke up, and Papa was under the car. Mama had to tell him to put the oil in the car because he forgot to put that in.
Papa put his hat on and we set off. be continued

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Okay folks, it's BITTER COLD here today! I guess we have no choice but to watch that football game :-) GO COLTS!

It's -13F (-25C) as I type this morning and the windchill is
-27F (-36C)
Now that's COLD! I added a weather link that you can click on to see our current conditions.