Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Kyle's 9th Birthday!!!!!!!!!
Kyle wrote a poem about himself just recently, using the letters of his name:
He had his first Track Team Practice yesterday. In the picture above Kyle is a blue blur on the right edge of the group, Stella is running around in my slippahs, and Reeve is doing his homework while eating his favorite snack of almonds and raisins.
Stella found some tress to wind through. Practice runs every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2:30 to 3:30pm.
I brought a book and my camera, Reeve had his homework, and Stella did her own thing while we watched Kyle stretch, stretch, stretch, and run, run, run.
He's excited to go again today...on his birthday. It's a busy week for him. Tomorrow he has drama practice for a Halloween Spooktacular Play that he will act in. I think they cast him as a Menehune. Should be a lot of fun. He's really coming into his own world as he turns 9. We're loving watching him grow into his own person! Happy Birthday Kyle!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rain & Ducks

Friday night it started to rain about midnight and proceeded to pour all night long and most of the day Saturday. There would be times of drizzle to buckets and buckets of rain coming down. I can honestly say I've never seen it rain so much in my life, and I don't even think this was anything unusual for around here in the rainy season. I read in the paper that we are in a drought period...at about 56% of the average rainfall for our area.
I decided to take some pictures of our newly formed ponds. The picture above is looking at the drive at the back of the property. Below you can see Stella in the duck enclosure and some newly formed puddles in the yard.
Kyle (almost 9!!) taking care of the ducks...making sure they hacv clean water and food. They have "free choice" food 24hrs/day until they are 4 weeks old (which will be next Tuesday). Then we will feed them 3 times a day for 15 minutes each feeding session. They do wonderfully at foraging. Already we've noticed a decrease in the mosquito population and they love to forage on the ground. In the picture below notice they have their very own duck puddle. It was so much fun to see them waddle through it yesterday. Today most of the puddles are gone. The ground being mostly lava is very porous so the water doesn't stick around very long.
The boys and Tom did a great job building the duck enclosure. We've been keeping them in here at night until they get bigger and can defend themselves against the rats. I haven't seen any rats, but I'm not fooled I know they are everywhere and we try to be as vigilant as we can against them and their many diseases. Ask me another time about all those frustrating rat diseases...darn that Capt. Cook for introducing them to Hawaii.
When they are older and larger we will build nest boxes so that the hens can lay us some eggs. They should be ready to lay around my birthday in January...so excited!
 They are even cuter in person, trust me. Above: (starting at just after 6'oclock and going clockwise) Mr. Drake, Jemima, Alice, Roosevelt, Meg, and Calvin.
 Can you see the toad (or really large frog?) in the picture above? He's huge and not scared of us at all.
 Anyone know what kind of frog/toad he is?
 The ducks in their puddle. They're so fast it was hard to catch them waddling around in it.

 Jemima in the lead. She caught a worm and then raced around while the others chased her. It was really cute and funny. I love these ducks!
Well this week was quite a week. Tom had some car troubles and had a tow down the mountain. He amazingly and brilliantly fixed the Orange Crush (chevy astro) and now he says she's purring like a kitten. We've had so much rain that we couldn't connect to the internet (note the limited posts this week). Other than that everyone is happy and healthy. I'm appreciating life with limited electricity. It's fun knowing that every night I get a candlelit dinner!