Sunday, August 05, 2012

Kilauea Iki Trail

Last Saturday we went up to Volcanoes National Park with some friends and we hiked the 4.3mile Kilauea Iki Trail. Stella did surprisingly well on this moderate to difficult trail. We had a lot of fun, made plenty of stops, had lunch on top of the 1959 lava lake, and marveled at the power of Pele.

 See the faint white trail in the picture below? That's the trail we hiked down to and walked on...what you see below was a bubbling lava lake in 1959. There are still plenty of steam vents to remind us what lies below.
 The little white dots on the trail below are people.

Fearless Stella running down the trail in her slippahs!

 Steam vents in the picture below...believe me they were HOT!

 Meanwhile, back at our house...Mrs. Drake hatched out her 5 ducklings. She's a wonderful Mama and is teaching them how to forage for mosquitoes and bugs in the yard.
 We've named them...there is Picaboo, Whitey, Picatwo, and Star in the picture below.

 Our other adult female, Megatron...Meg's not so sure what to make of the ducklings. We're not so sure what to make of Meg...she has yet to lay an egg! Two of our other adult ducks, Jemima (our Drake) and Alice have flown away and not returned.

Night Manta Viewing

Manta Rays swimming at night. The lights attract the plankton and the mantas feed on the plankton. They were beautiful to graceful and elegant!
I had some videos that turned out nicely, but I cannot find them now :(

 The restaurant near "Manta Point", where they shine the spotlight on the water to attract plankton for the hungry mantas.
 Family Pics