Sunday, February 05, 2012

Out and About in Pahoa

We feel very fortunate for the weather we've been enjoying. Sunny and Dry. We could use some rain for our catchment pool, but we're not complaining. Catchment water is our main source of water for showers, dishes, washing, and the toilet. All of our drinking water is filtered county water that we haul in in 5 gallon jugs.
One nice thing about little rain is that the roads are somewhat easier to navigate in our subdivision. Above is a picture of where our street meets the main gravel road that we use to enter/exit our subdivision. We travel 1.3 miles of gravelly road before we hit pavement.
Above is where we travel the mile. Notice all the pot holes! It's best to make sure you've gone to the bathroom before driving on this road. It will make you wiggle and jiggle so much that 1 mile really feels like 10 and it takes about 10 - 15 minutes to travel. favorite sight...PAVEMENT. I always breathe a sigh of relief knowing I didn't bust anything from loose rocks, etc...
We had tickets to go see the 4th Annual Pahoa Surf Film Festival at the historic Akebono Theatre in downtown Pahoa. We got there about 4pm and watched about an hour of surf flick before we walked around downtown and found something to eat. Then we came back and watched about 3 more hours of surf flicks and one locally made skateboard film. It was fun. Stella was at her limit, otherwise we would have sat there and watched more beautiful footage of talented surfers in beautiful glassy blue barrels.
Today Tommy went to the market and set up our off-grid laundry supply display and his solar power display. He has fun and talks to a lot of folks about solar power. We've met a few customers this way, so it has been well worth the time investment. The kids and I stayed home. Kyle and I did some laundry and Stella had fun in her pool.
Reeve watched Stella while he played with his jolly stix...just a typical weekend for us.
 Kyle got in the pool too.