Friday, August 28, 2009

Stella...almost 4 months!

I can hardly believe Stella will be 4 months old in a couple of days! She sure has changed a lot. She doesn't have the nighttime crying fits anymore, she can roll from her back to her tummy.

She can push up with her arms when she's on her tummy. She loves to smile.

She loves to giggle. She tries really hard to talk. She can go days without crying at long as someone is nearby she's a happy little baby.

Reeve and Kyle are super wonderful at taking care of her and giving her lots of positive attention and tons of love.

She's very interested in picture books now, and Kyle is great at reading to her.

She really enjoys it now...he's been reading to her since she was in my belly!

So sweet!

Usually we see a lot of rainbows in May & June...this year we've caught some beauties in August. It was really amazing to see the rainbow go right through the cloud.

Tom is such a great, attentive, and loving Dad!

He likes to carry her on his front...I like to carry her on my back. Kyle took the picture that is below...

We set up a booth for our business at the Local Energy Excellence Fair that was in was our first booth for the business. Reeve and Kyle were excellent salesmen! They really got into it...handing out brochures, coupons, and calendars.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August Visitors

My folks came up in the beginning of August for a visit to meet Stella for the first time. They also brought us many beautiful house plants, and some much needed furniture...desks and book cases :-)
It's always fun when we have visitors to go downtown to Elroy and eat at the Pizzeria Viking and then go to the movies at the historic Elroy Theatre.

My Mom got to test out our new baby/toddler back carrier. Stella LOVES it, my Mom loved it...I love it! We can get so much done and Stella is happy to be involved or she can go to sleep very easily in it.

We played our new favorite board game...Harry Potter Clue.

Some family pics by our apple tree and weed garden:

The outfit that Stella is wearing is one that I wore!!! My Mom brought me some of my very own baby clothes!!!
Now here is a picture of Stella in the outfit (from parents used to live there)

and a picture of me in the outfit...I'm a little older than Stella wearing this outfit...she's 3 months and I was about 20 months...good to know she will grow into it! Guess I was getting ready to board a train?

Some precious pictures of Reeve holding Stella

Some pictures of our solar hot water panels and flowers in front of our house:

My cousin Racheal and her husband Aaron visited us on there cross-country move from Vancouver to Halifax!!!

Short but sweet visit :-)