Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pool Time and the Long Lost Wedding Ring

We had a really warm (70'sF) weekend! Yay! While I was at work on Saturday the guys decided to set up our beloved Country Jacuzzi (a livestock watering tank). Tom decided we didn't need to heat the house anymore with the solar energy we were producing from our solar panels so he directed it into the Country Jacuzzi. Reeve and Kyle were thrilled and couldn't wait to get in the tub.

Reeve has told me many times that he has boiling blood running through his veins, so the luke warm (at this point in the pic) water temp didn't bother him a bit. Kyle on the other hand was a bit surprised by the temperature. It didn't take too long for the pool to fill up and warm up to a comfortable 90F.

They were lovin' it by the time I came home, and were completely water logged when they got out. I've been wanting to start my garden transplants since Reeve's birthday, but I never set aside the time. Well Saturday I decided to get going on that project. Tom helped me mix the soil block mixture in a wheel barrow and the boys and I set to work getting dirty and making our soil blocks.

We were working by our sliding glass door and I looked down in the weeds and saw something shiny.

I could not believe my eyes! It was TOM'S WEDDING RING!!!! It had a big weed growing right up through the center of it... the above picture is exactly how I found it! This wedding has been M.I.A. for the past SIX YEARS! Yes folks, it's another amazing Tom story :-).

He was working on the house when he lost it, and we hadn't been able to find it. He was completely floored when we showed him where it was growing. He remembered that he had taken it off to wash some grease off his hands. WOW! Then he told me that he was really wanting it back lately and had been thinking about wanting to wear it again.

Anybody lost anything? Just tell Tom to think about it... apparently that works right now... Hurry though this special power might not last for long!

How many countless times have we walked by and through that slider? I've weeded that area many times... I know I have. This is completely inexplicable! Tom and my Dad even did some digging there to put in the concrete pads for in front of the slider. It's crazy. It reminds of me of something my brother said when we were talking about Tom's airport story... He said, "How does that happen? How does that happen?" (It was really funny the way he said it, and it doesn't look as funny when I read it now, but it was truly classic Ken. When I was younger I was convinced my little brother would grow up to be a comedian.)

Well maybe it's a good time to go back to Costa Rica to find his first wedding ring. That was lost thanks to me. Tom wanted to take it off before he went surfing, but I insisted that that would be "bad luck." Sure enough it came off while he was surfing. Immediately I got over that silly little "bad luck" superstition.

This isn't the first time Tom's lost something only to be found years later. I remember once we were going on a trip and he wanted to hide his wallet in the house before we left. When we got back we couldn't find it! We searched high and low and then two years later we found it in a drawer... How does that happen?

Four years ago we were camping in British Columbia. Tom didn't want to lose his wallet, and he thought he had put it in our car. When we were getting ready to cross the border into the United States he discovered that he couldn't find his wallet. We had to go to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police...for all you Yanks) and explain to them that we thought someone had stolen it, and it took some time to get across the border. One year later the kids wanted to sit in their dual camping chairs. In the center there is a pocket... Kyle looked in the pocket and found Tom's wallet!...How does that happen?