Friday, February 04, 2011

Stella & Reeve

Stella really, really, really wanted to brush Reeve's hair when he got out of the shower...
Notice how Kyle is in bed with his head covered :) He's reading "The Finn Family Moomintroll"...second book in the Moomintroll series that both boys are loving right now.

Reeve is soooooo very patient...the ideal older brother.

Apples, pizza, and books in bed...seems to be a common theme these days!

I think he wants more...

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Reading in Bed, Sledding, Plowing after the Storm

We're all fine after yesterday's massive blizzard. I took pictures of the house just now, and so I blogged about them on our "house" blog. We had mainly blowing and drifting snow. Nothing like a good winter storm to get you reading in bed...snuggle comic time with Reeve.

Some *city* creation by Reeve...

This past Sunday was a beautiful day for sledding and meeting the new family that will move into our home in June.

Snow day for Reeve, so we're enjoying all being together reading, and soon to be sledding :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Mt. Bohemia Snowboard Trip

We had an incredible weekend :) Met some really nice folks and we accepted an offer on our home. Sweet :)
Now are you ready for some wintry snowboard pics?
Above, Reeve and Kyle breaking the ice with Wiley and pulling out their conversation books...the Guinness Book of World Records...anyone who has hung around us recently has probably been shown these books!
The SunnyRaye Astro pulling up to Cabin #3 at Mt. Bohemia
Wiley carrying in the food. These guys didn't go without food! They even made some of Tom's Ghoulash for some hungry bare chested Minnesotan college kids that only had a dozen eggs to eat.
Above Reeve & Wiley on the chair lift. Below Kyle (white helmet) and Reeve coming down the hill...remember you can click on the pics to make them larger.

Reeve on the chair lift

Kyle on the chair lift
Kyle going through the woods. They call this extreme snowboarding...not for beginners. Other boarders there were impressed with the boys. One day the chair lift operator told Reeve that he got in the most runs of anyone there that day...that was the day Reeve did not eat lunch. Reeve really didn't want to leave. He said he would have been happy there all winter just snowboarding bum :)
Kyle had just as much fun. He carries around a map of the hill and pulls it out every once and awhile to share with me which trails he went on, and which ones were his favorite.
Lac La Belle in the distance. (if you go to the link...make sure to scroll out and find the lake, just south of the ski hill you can see the lake...if you zoom in you can see the cabins that the boys stayed in). They said they could board down the hill right to the front door of their cabin.

Lake Superior in the distance

Happy boys in the cabin...note all the wet socks hanging up to dry!