Monday, April 04, 2011

Spring is Coming?

The first set of pictures were from March 19, 2011. No, sweet Stella, no more sledding...
Kyle getting his energy out...

My first flower...then sadly crushed by sleet and glad I took this picture before it was demolished.
Glad I took this one too...that is before the bunnies came along and did some pruning of my flower row!
This one is from March 28, can see in the background we had some more snow...then it was melting. Stella is sweeping up a whole bottle of salt that she poured all over the floor. After she did it I came by and saw here standing on it with bare feet, and it made me think she was trying to make a beach! Then I asked her nicely to clean it up, and she said "Oh, sweep, sweep"...another new word.
We really thought we were out of the snowy woods on March 31st. It was a beautiful day, and then we woke up April Fool's morning to big beautiful white fluffy flakes coming down!

Stella saying "SNOW!!!" in the background saying "No way!" Then I told the kids that every time it snows on April Fools day that means it's a warm they all went out in their bare feet.

As soon as her cute little feet hit the snow she froze in her place,
and then ran back inside the house!
The next day this snow was all gone. We got about 2 -3 inches! We had a lovely day yesterday with the Verde Family and you can read about that here.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Last of the Winter Pictures...Please :)

Still getting caught up on my pictures. These are from March 9, 2011. Reeve and Stella getting started on our mile walk.
We've had a thick layer of snow on the ground since November, so that's 5 months of white stuff on the ground. The plow pile is taller than Stella!
The pics below are from March 26, 2011 (Happy Bday lil' Bro). Stella really want to help Papa light the fire.
Reeve is cozy in bed. Stella picked out her outfit. She's learning to say so many new words lately. It's fun to hear her practice a new word. Some new words this past week:
Nap...she says this about Kyle when he's the very last to get out of bed in the morning. She says, "Kyle? Where Kyle? (shrugs shoulders and looks around room...spots him in bed) Oh...Nap!"

Game...Tom and I have been playing one game of backgammon every night. Why only one? Because I rule at backgammon and I was undefeated...up until last night. How come the kids don't play? For some reason no one likes to play a game where Mom ALWAYS wins! That, and I've packed a lot of our games.

Other words, said on a frequent basis: Fire, Snow, Me, Mine, No, my friend Nikole said, Stella has many different ways to say Yah. She also says: Yup, Doggie, boy, and now she's getting up and saying this list will be cut short!