Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crafts, Goats & Good News

My cross-stitch project that took me 2 years to complete...mainly because of Stella, boredom with cross-stitch that is 18 count vs 14 count, and moving to Hawaii. 18 count is tiresome because that means there are 18 "squares" in one inch vs. 14 squares. This pattern was also difficult for me to follow because of all the "background" color. I couldn't just make a mistake and fudge it like I do with all of my other projects. A mistake on this meant ripping it out and starting over, and with all the other distractions going on in my life I made A LOT of mistakes.
I was optimistic when I stitched my initials and date...I intended this to be a Christmas gift, but it worked out as a birthday gift.

My other recently finished "birthday" project.
 A doll for Stella's 3rd Birthday....I know, I know...her Birthday is over a month away, but I couldn't wait to give it to her!!!
 Stella named her Maya. I hand sewed her in no time flat...I even hand sewed every single strand of hair on her head which took all of 30 minutes. I just finished hand sewing her dress, in the pics here she's sporting a silk scarf.
 I made her small (almost "cringe" barbie size), so that Stella could easily carry her around with her. Stella is very loving and sweet to her baby Maya.
On Thursday we went over to a friends house and played with their two 2 week old goats named "Thelma & Louise." Stella was in heaven...she LOVES those goats.
They were very tolerant of her as well. Poor kids were picked up and forced to sit on her lap.
They were oh so soft and super tolerant and friendly.

The girls (Stella and her friend) are about 3 months apart and recently when we were out together we were asked if they were twins.

Forgive me I did not "rotate" this last picture and I'm too lazy to rotate it now. It was very sweet how her friend was hugging her as they fed the baby goat.
And now for the good news! This week we are positively expectant! We hope to be closing on the sale of our Wisconsin home to an awesome family that we met through a serendipitous Winter Soltice chance encounter...still gives me goose bumps at how beautifully it has all worked out!
Last week Tom took his contractor exam and he feels confident about his score and we should find out the results this week or next.
Tom is at our weekly market gig now, and the kids and I will join him in a bit. He talks solar and has met some good customers at market and I give Laundry demonstrations. Yes, I bring some of our laundry to market and I show folks how easy it is to wash by hand using a breathing mobile washer and a hand wringer. Reeve and Kyle also have plans of selling something at market...more on that (hopefully) next week. Aloha!!