Saturday, May 01, 2010

Spring Snow Hag Play

Drawing by Reeve, age 10
The boys were in a play a couple of weeks ago. It was called the Spring Snow Hag. The hag always comes at the very beginning of Spring to "wreak havoc upon the land, in one last attempt to delay Spring."
Above is part of the set...The King & Queen's Castle.
Before the show Stella decided to tackle a sweet little lady :)
Reeve opened the show with a pentatonic flute solo "Spring Has Come"
Reeve was the narrator. He found the suit in our closest, given to us by some friends, and pants were a little short. He loved it though! He thought it was perfect for the play and he was a very confident narrator. Kyle was a farmer in the beginning.

Here comes the Spring Snow Hag...pulled by her hound and guided by a Snow Fairy and an Ice Fairy.
Kyle's big part: "Where is the King? Where is the Queen? What will they do! Is what I mean!"
The King & Queen in their Castle
The archer
The Spring Snow Hag hiding in a cloud
In the second part of the play Kyle was an animal. In the dress rehearsal he was cracking us up because he was pretending the rope that divides the mama animals from the baby animals was an electric fence. He would put his nose on the fence and then pretend to get shocked...that's Kyle!
Lady Spring comes to save the day
Bravo! Bravo!
Stella after the show

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stella's on the move...Reeve's 10th Bday...recent pics

Stella has been walking for about 2 months now! She loves the freedom (with many watchful eyes) to roam around the house and discover new things.
Like a convenient open box of organic banana chips on the ground...
Look at the joy of discovery on her face :)
In preparation for her 1st Birthday (tomorrow!!!) Reeve has been knitting her a toy ball with a jingle rattle inside.
She LOVES it!!

For Reeve's 10th Birthday we hung out with our homeschooling group in Viroqua. First we set up an obstacle course for the 4th hour class on Tuesdays.
Kyle's turn...
Then we went to the park and ate some of my home-made granola and drank Reeve's favorite drink, HoneyDew = water + apple cider vinegar + honey, and the kids raced around the place with their friends. It was CHILLY that day, but Reeve said it was perfect.
Stella and Reeve hanging out in the grass while I hang laundry:
Stella and Reeve walking around the dentist's office in La Crosse (right in the University Health Sciences Bldg) while I had a dentist appointment.