Friday, February 23, 2007

All Home Safe & Sound

Tommy, Reeve and Kyle made it back yesterday evening and they had a great time snowboarding, riding the chair lift, and cross-country skiing with a Great Dane puppy.

This first picture was taken in Mt. Bohemia when Tommy went a couple of weeks ago. It's a run that he snowboarded on called the "TommyKnockers."

This is a picture of Reeve tuning his snowboard before they left.

Tommy could not take a picture while they were all three snowboarding :-(. It was good that they went during the week because it wasn't crowded and the chair lift operator was able to slow the chair lift down for them to get off and on. Tommy said the boys did great and they rode the chair lift at least 8 times. He also said Reeve and Kyle were "naturals" on their snowboards and did a great job navigating and boarding down the hills. They went on one black diamond run!

This is a pic of the little mobile home/cabin they stayed in for the night.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Two more get added to the SkiBum list

Tommy made it home from his trip late Friday night, and Saturday he started planning for his next trip. It's getting hot here (40'sF feels quite tropical!) and the snow around us is all melting. It won't be long before it all turns to mush up on Lake Superior.
I started my new job yesterday. I have 3 days of daytime training, and I wasn't able to secure daycare for Reeve and Kyle. Realizing that he had to take 3 days off Tommy decided to go on another ski trip and take Reeve and Kyle :-).

They left this morning at 4am! They're going to a family ski place in the Porcupine Mountains complete with bunny hills and chair lifts (vs. t-bars). This is the first time I've been separated from the kids for more than 12 hours! I'll miss them... I already do! I'm so glad they're going. It will be a great adventure for them. They plan on skiing today when they get up there. It's about a 5 and half hour drive. Then if all goes well they are going to stay the night, ski tomorrow (Thurs) and return sometime late Thursday night.

We were wondering how Kyle was going to handle this. When we asked him what he thought he asked, "Are we going to sleep in a house?" Our response: "Well sort of like a house." Kyle: "Will it have a bed?" We laugh a little and say yes, then Kyle said, "Oh no problem I'll be just fine." Reeve told me not to worry about him getting cold (in 30F weather he'd rather wear a t-shirt than a coat) because I'm always telling him to bundle up, and he's always telling me that he has "boiling blood" running through his veins and he never gets cold. Tommy told me he was going to take it slow and just have fun with the kids. I sent along the camera, but I'm sure it will be difficult to take pics.

I leave for work in about a half an hour. My first day went very smoothly. I know I'm going to enjoy working there. So I bet you're wondering what I'm going to do when I return to an empty house tonight...

I'm going to work on my window quilt (and do a deep cleaning on the house while I have the uninteruppted chance!).

This is the first "fence rail" block that I did for the quilt. It was the first lesson in my beginning quilting book, so that's what I went with. I'm using all scrap material (a shirt that was my Mom's, then mine, another old shirt, some old boxers, etc... the ultimate in recycling). The material is different and the stretchy stuff is really hard to sew! I'm satisfied with the way it turned out, it's not perfect, but I'm using scraps and it's for a window :-).