Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Felted Clogs

I've been obsessed with keeping our feet warm. I had such fun knitting Reeve's clogs that in about a week I finished a pair for Kyle, and in about one day I finished a pair for Stella. Who's next? Seriously! Send me your shoe size :)
 Here I'm knitting on the second sole to the clog. You start out by knitting the sole, then the body of the clog, then the cuff, and then you knit a second sole and attach it (via knitting) to the first sole.
 Then, with a tapestry needle you sew the seams together and then sew the soles together.
 Below, Tommy took a picture of me knitting Stella's little bootie.
 Before felting it's HUGE. I'm holding it up to her foot in the pic below.
 Big bootie!
 Before felting:
 After the 1st 10 minutes of agitation in the washer:
 After the first 15 minutes of agitation in the washer:
 After about 40 minutes of agitation. Kyle's were done and Stella's needed about 10 more minutes.
 Kyle wearing his wet clogs to mold them to his feet...and to make sure they are the right size and will fit.
 Wet clogs!
 Below: Kyle's wet clogs, Stella's wet booties, and Reeve's finished dry clogs.
 Stella's booties! SO. SWEET!