Saturday, January 20, 2007

Future Palentologists

On the lowest level of the Indy Children's Museum is the Dinoshpere. The kids absolutely LOVED it! Mom and I enjoyed it too, it's my favorite level of the museum. They attempt to recreate a day in the dinosphere complete with sounds, lights, and smells. The smell is magnolia, and it smells really good.

Kyle was pretending to be a mean dinosaur.

They have a lot of dinosaur exhibits. One of Reeve's favorites is the SuperCroc, found by Paul Serreno (Reeve's favorite Palentologist... based out of Chicago).
The kids also loved the excavation site. It's a recreation of an actual dinosaur found by a family in Montana.

They also have a real Palentology Lab where they work on cleaning real dinosaur bones.

Reeve loved it so much he talked softie Mom into buying him his own dinosaur excavation kit. There are fake T-Rex bones in the plaster for Reeve to carefully excavate. It's a very messy project! (Sorry about the mess in the basement Mom & Dad).

Friday, January 19, 2007

Indy Children's Museum... World's Largest

While we were in Indiana visiting my parents we went to the World's Largest Children's Museum in Indianapolis. The kids have been there before and were thrilled to go back again. We stayed over 5 hours, and could have stayed a lot longer. I have a lot of pics to post, so here's the first set.

In the center of the 5 level museum is a large Dave Chihuly blown Glass exihibit.

Kyle was enthralled with the many interactive computers and spent a long time at each one with my Mom (aka Nana).

This is Kyle inside a train set display.

They had a stage set up for the little thespians. They loved being the star of their own show.

And here they are taking a bow...

More to come :-)

Tom the SkiBum Update: Well he survived the snowboard/cross-country ski portion of his trip with no injuries... Yay :-). He said he had a great last day of snowboarding in Jackson Hole, WY. Tomorrow they start their return drive home and should be back sometime on Sunday.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We're Home

Just wanted to post that the kids and I made it home from Indiana yesterday afternoon. I'll try to post pics from our visit soon. We had a great time visitin my parents.

Tom is now in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He says it's cold and the conditions aren't as great as they were last week. He said next year he wants to go on a surfing trip, and I said "Great! Lets ALL go ;-)."