Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowmen & Projects

Stella is 9 months old today!!! I have no new pictures of her right now...she's peacefully sleeping on my back.
She's standing without holding on to anything, babbling A LOT, eating apples, gnawing on carrot sticks, loves butternut squash, and claps a lot. When she's standing, unsupported, she starts to clap then cheers herself on by raising both arms in the air, does a hula hip move, and then falls on her generously cloth-diapered-cushioned-big-bottom.
Reeve and Kyle have had some excellent snowmen making weather...well this was a couple of weeks's now too icy to make snowmen. It was -11F here yesterday morning and -6F this morning. Nice and sunny though, so at least we have the bright sun to warm up our solar panels and south facing windows.
The snowman they made together:

Kyle's snowman:

Mr. Frosty up close...looks like he has not brushed his teeth in quite some time and has green "hairs" growing out of his nose.

We've been having fun with watercolors and we've been practicing how to make a book for our home-school cooperative.