Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthdays & Boats

April is a birthday month around from Reeve's 12th Birthday:
For Reeve's Birthday we had a potluck at Poho'iki Beach Park. The weather was cloudy/rainy all day, but the kids had a great time. It didn't phase them. We set up our tent by the picnic table that has a view of the ocean in the front and the playground in the back.
 Stella brought here bike...

 That's all the pictures I have from Reeve's party :(. Last weekend we watched a friend's bought be lowered into the water. He's been remodeling it for nearly 3 years. It has an electric motor and the batteries for the boat can be powered by a generator on the sail and by a couple of solar panels that they will set up as an awning on the deck.
 She really, really wanted to ride on the pink boat!!!
 You can barely see it, but hovering over the grass is a remote control helicopter that has a camera for taking video/pictures from up high. It was very cool!

 Yesterday we went to a friend's potluck beach birthday party for their two boys (Reeve and Kyle's age). It was a perfect day!

 In the picture below, right in the center, you can see Reeve (black swim shirt).

 Below...I was busy keeping up with Stella...

Um, yeah, I can totally handle beach birthday parties! Life is good :)