Friday, May 08, 2009

Bella Stella...Our Beautiful Star

Warning: This blog will probably be pretty mushy with me gushing over Stella!! Please forgive me, but I can't help myself!!!

It's so hard to believe that little Stella May Joyce was one week old yesterday! Time is really zipping by.

Here are some of her one week old pictures.

We are so in love with her. Reeve and Kyle are very gentle and good with her. She really loves them and when she hears their voices she can't wait to see them.

Same with Tommy...she just lights up when he comes home from work. He melts when he sees her and can't get anything else done but hold her in the evening.

Reeve really loves to hold her.

It's a little harder for Kyle, but he holds her on his lap with me supporting her I can't take a pic too easily.

She's very good with letting Tommy, Reeve, and Kyle hold her. I remember with Reeve and Kyle they pretty much put up a fuss when anyone else but me held them.

Every evening Stella gets a warm bath and then an olive oil body massage. She's in heaven when she's getting her massage.

It's rainbow weather here.

Whenever I try to take Stella outside she stiffens up and closes her eyes and won't open them until we get back she missed out on seeing her first rainbow.

The cutest thing that she does, in my opinion, is she likes to watch us sleep. In the middle of the night I notice her kind of moving her arms and I'll open my eyes and she's as calm as can be staring right at me. I've caught her doing the same thing with Tommy...she's just as calm as can be watching him sleep.
Okay enough gushing for now...more to come! You have been warned :-).

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stella May Joyce born April 30, 2009 at 1:40pm

We're in a blissed and blessed state just googling over Stella. She sleeps most of the time, and when she's awake we're in awe and forget to take pictures. She's a real lady...very sweet and dainty.
The pics speak for themselves:

Many Thanks to all who have wished us all well.