Monday, March 02, 2009

Bathroom Renovation Project

Our bathroom has been bugging me for years now. The flat paint we had on the wall was impossible to clean, and the walls were severely "loved" by two growing boys. Both are guilty of marking the walls. Here is an "R" that Reeve put on there...actually not too long ago.

The Christmas snowflake stamp that Kyle put on in December didn't really show up's kind of hard to take a good pic of a wall, but you get the idea. In January we bought some no-VOC paint, and in February we put the first coat on.

Kyle's face has spaghetti sauce stained on it:

Reeve had fun with the roller:

It looks wonderful, and we still have another coat to go.

I also wanted tile floors in the bathroom (and the rest of the house, but we gotta start somewhere) and this weekend my hero set up "Brutus" and went to town cutting tiles.

By Sunday at midnight it was all still needs to be grouted, but isn't it beautiful?

Prego update: All is good, baby moves, moves, moves. My midwife listened to the heartbeat last week and she really thinks it sounds like a girl. She was taken back by how much the baby moved during the visit, which was mild. I told her at home I feel like there must be some wild child in there doing the jig. I've been craving capers lately. The other day I actually ate a whole jar! Kyle was bummed because recently he's discovered that he LOVES "kippers." We've told them they're called capers, but he likes to call them "kippers." Okay I've just made myself really hungry!