Monday, September 04, 2006

Love that Poop

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
We're happily digging in a lot of Llama/donkey/horse poop! A friend of Tommy's from work delivered a tractor load full of poop for us to use in the garden, around the apple trees, for some new raspberries, and flower beds.

Reeve and Kyle preferred to stay a safe distance from the poop, but it really doesn't smell bad.

I set to work tilling some new ground for the raspberries that my parent's are bringing in a couple of weeks.

Hey that first row was pretty easy! I want to do more rows. I did two more rows for salad mix, spinach, and red russian kale. After the ground was tilled I covered the rows with a layer of poop, and then covered that with grass clippings and straw.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tommy's really serious about riding his bike to work. He's been preparing for the winter ride by visiting the Ice Bike website. The funny thing is that he might have better luck making it up the hill after a snow on his bike vs. in his car. He will need to get some winter riding gear, because these biking shorts just aren't going to cut it.

Tommy's New Bike

Well it's been 18 years since Tommy had a new bike. He's been looking on eBay for about a year now for a new bike, and he finally broke down and bought a Windsor Tourist bike for his 8 mile commute to work. Reeve and Kyle were the first to open the box. They couldn't wait to see the new bike get put together.

Kyle really liked the box it came in:

Tommy rode his new bike to work the very next day. This is a picture of him riding down the backside of the monster hill. Someday I'll have to take a picture of just how big it is, but we think it's around 150 feet steep. You can also see from this picture just how isolated we are here on our ridge. You can barely see part of our neighbors house, but not in this picture.

One of Reeve and Kyle's favorite things to do when Tommy rides his bike to work is to ride their bikes in the driveway while they wait for him to come home. Reeve really loves riding his bike, and here's a better picture of him riding with no training wheels.