Friday, January 28, 2011

Reeve's Mosaic, Solar, and New Camera Misc. Pics

Well it's been a busy week here. We listed our house for sale again...just on Craigslist, but I also created a blog to showcase pics and info about the house. We had a no show for Wednesday, but the house now looks great. A showing for Sunday at 1pm, and a showing for sometime next Wednesday.
I just recently found these pics of a "mosaic" art that Reeve made over the holiday break. It's a tree, a lion, a person with a basket, and a sun.

Then, of course, we are still obsessed with our solar thermal system. We live for sunny days. No matter if it's 30 degrees below zero, if the sun is shining bright, we need no supplemental heat...quite amazing considering the fact that our house is still largely uninsulated.
Tom has been working hard. Getting. Over. The. Framing. Block. He said it's like writer's block. I know what he means. I had my first pair of clogs on my knitting needles for nearly a whole year before I finished them, and then I've knit so many recently that I can't knit another pair for at least 6 months.
Well, I've also stopped all craft projects to focus on the house.
Even on a hazy day the solar fluid gets some heat, despite temps in the teens.
We wanted to graduate from point and shoot cameras, so we made an investment in a digital SLR camera. We love it, but it's also a bit intimidating. Here's a sampling of the first couple of pictures that we've taken with the new camera:

 Next post will be about the boy's snowboard trip to Mt. Bohemia.