Saturday, May 05, 2012

Kyle in the Ho'olaule'a Hula Show

Ho'olaule'a is a Hawaiian word meaning “a gathering to connect in joyful celebration, to unite in joy.” “Ho'o” means the process of moving toward one another; “laule'a” signifies a joyful celebration of sharing food, dance, games, uniting and connecting in a festive atmosphere.

Yesterday we went to the Ho'olaule'a Show put on by the students in Kyle's School who participated in a Hawaiian Studies class this school year. Kyle's class had Hawaiian Studies every Wednesday. Reeve's class did not have a Hawaiian Studies class this year. We should have arrived earlier to get better seats! It was standing room only and we were in the very back.

The Royal Court
The Queen danced a special hula

Kyle after the show...
Kyle's class dancing the hula. Kyle is in the back row on the right as you look at the computer screen. His hair is slicked back and in a pony tail...again I apologize for our waaaayyyy back view!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stella ~ Birthday Girl

Our lil Stell turns 3 tomorrow!
 Stella, you radiate happiness on every level! We're so lucky to have you in our lives. I love your unique cuteness and how special you make us all feel when you're around. You are so quick to give a compliment. You are ever ready to help anyone and everyone!
 We went to Maku'u Market today to sell our solar supplies, off-grid laundry supplies, and "fun" supplies (juggling seen carried by Stella)
 Stella got all dressed up in her birthday dress. We had a great day, despite the down pours.
 Reeve took these pictures and video below with Tom's, I think the lens needs to be cleaned, as they are slightly blurry.
A fellow vendor took a couple of pictures of our booth several weeks ago. Today he gave us the hard copy photos. Super nice of him to do that!

On a closing note...we will be participating in "screen free" week, aka "digital detox" week from April 30-May 6th. That means (in our family) no blogging or social digital media sites. The computer will only be used for business purposes this week. I'll post more pictures after May 6th :)