Tuesday, March 01, 2011

More Winter Home Videos

See Raye Videos Here

I figured out I need a converter program to make uploading my videos easier. Anyone have a favorite? Right now I'm considering purchasing WinXPro. Apparently I have more than one YouTube channel!?! The link to the other YouTube Chanel is above and I think you can get to the other videos there too.

I haven't posted much in the way of pictures lately, because I have not taken any! :) What have we been up to? Homeschooling with Kyle. Fun! He's really engaging and motivated. Right now he is reading and loving a collection of diaries from a boy that witnessed the Wright Brothers journey to aviation. The title is "Race to the Sky".
Stella is now potty trained! It miraculously happened overnight, or so it seems. We have long been "training" her for the toilet, but a couple of weeks ago it just "clicked" for her. She loves her pink undies and chants (while stomping) "undies! undies!". Some of her favorite words lately are: Undies, Other, Capitol...pronounced CaahhPeeeTol, bowl! (for food), Aaaaple Ju (for our honey dew concoction or apple juice), Tea, Me, Mine, No (complete with eye roll!), Reeeeeveeey, Kyle, Poppy, Mommy, Snoooowwww, Cold, Hotty (said when she doesn't want to wear clothes...which is frequently, and when food or drink is to hot), Fire (we recently hooked up the wood burning stove again), Book, I (her word for writing/drawing), and Hawaii. She will pack up her purse with her babies, and then turn to me and say "Bye!" and I will say "Oh, bye, where are you going?" to which she answers either "Capitol" or "Hawai'i."
Reeve and Kyle have taken to calling her the "little vixen" because she is frequently, in Reeve's words, "wrecking havoc." Needless to say she does keep me very busy these days!
I have been busy packing and cleaning. 35 boxes packed so far. How did we get so. much. stuff?!?

This week we're planning on an Ice Cave hike with homeschoolers and the kind friends who will be leasing our home. Hopefully I can take some neat pictures of that adventure!