Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Post...Finally...At long Last

Finally I'm feeling a bit more like myself again. For the past couple of months I've been very tired (actually having to take naps) and generally queasy. What's wrong with me?? Well..... I'm pregnant! OOOOOOOPPPPS! Baby will be here in April 2009. We're getting over the shock and accepting the reality slowly but surely. The kids are very excited. I've seen my doctor and my midwife and we actually heard the heartbeat...going fast at 150-160 beats per minute.

The kids have been a huge help. They've been patient and cooperative with me. Kyle's favorite way to help out has been to pick things from the garden. Here is a pic of him picking parsley in our much needs-to-be-weeded-herb bed.

He also likes to pick the scallions, basil, and tomatoes. Reeve helps by making food in the kitchen. My stomach was pretty unsettled and making food hasn't been my favorite thing to do lately. Reeve loves to make sandwiches, and he knows how to get leftovers out of the's a start. He actually loves being independent and showing Kyle how to make a sandwich. They both know how to pick and clean apples from our apple tree.
They're even kept company buy our adopted hedgehog.

It's the friendliest hedgehog we've ever seen. Most run away when they see us coming outside. Not this guy, he's way more interested in eating the clover in our unmowed lawn. However he did get a little too close to the Red Russian Kale, the kids helped me scare him away.

Reeve and Kyle both have a great sense of play and love to be pirates. Here's Kyle decked out with his pirate gear: compass, telescope, sword, etc...

The swingset is their ship. They named it "The NonStop."

Ahhh they spotted some trouble...

Tommy did have to work on Labor Day, but he was also able to get in some rest and relaxation. In addition to working his day job he's also starting his own company. I'm working on creating a website for him. Right now I'm using a freebie site (there's advertising at the top). It's pretty easy to use, but it's also fairly restrictive with what I want to do. Sigh. It needs a lot of work, but here's the site:

In between working 2 jobs Tommy's been coaching the kid's soccer team. The first day he helped out with Kyle's Team, and now he's the coach for Reeve's team.

Usually their games are at the same time on Saturday, so I don't get to see Reeve play very much. Kyle loves to score goals.

He has a slight advantage because he has some really good girl players on his team. The other boys are quite sure what to do a lot of the time and they have a tendancy to sit on the field.

They also like to all bunch in around each other...especially at the goalie box.

It's definitely entertaining.

Reeve's team really good too. He's been playing against some really tough teams, and a lot of the kids are 1-1.5 years older than him.

Hopefully it won't take me another month to make an update here. It's hard to believe October will be here next week!