Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Kyle's set

Here's one on of Kyle showing that he's 4 with a butterfly on his hand.

We asked Kyle to get dressed before he came outside because we were going to take pictures. He didn't want to get dressed and if Kyle doesn't want to do something he doesn't. He's very opinionated and very stubborn. He knows all of our limits and he loves to play right on the edge of reason...he's a handful!
Reeve was quick to remind him that he'd be in his underwear for the pictures. He still didn't want to go in and get dressed so he decided he could hide the fact he was only wearing his undies...

He's 4 and he still sometimes thinks that if HE can't see it then nobody else can see it either. Here he is covering his eyes with the butterfly, so the rest of us can't see he's just in his undies.

He also had the idea to lean far forward, so that you can't see his lower half. He's such a goof. He hates these pictures by the way. He's seen me cut and crop other pictures and he couldn't understand why I wouldn't just cut and crop his body out. I told him I thought they were great pictures. Don't they just make you laugh?

The last one is of a monarch on our Black Eyed Susan... our only really successful flower group from my Mom and Dad. Next year though I'm hoping the Irises will also bloom.

Neighbor's Monarchs

Our neighbors went on vacation and brought over their Monarch chrysalises before they left. They have a milkweed patch in front of their house and they collected a ton of caterpillars! I don't even remember how many hatched out while they were gone, but it was around 10.
I picked out 10 of the best pictures that will be in this post and the next.
The first set is mainly a Reeve set.

In this next pic Reeve wasn't feeling too great. He had a fever of about 101.60F and we went to the Dr. shortly afterward. I thought for sure it was Lyme's again, but they couldn't test him again because it had been too soon since he had it in June. Ugh! Whatever it was it worked out of his system in a couple of days. I don't think I mentioned that Kyle had Lyme's again and he was still on his antibiotics, but feeling good. Poor kid had a fever off and on for a couple of days and a headache and limb pain...Ugh!

Here they are together...

and together again

They decided it would be pretty funny to see our cat Cosmo walking around with a couple of butterflies on his back. Cosmo is such a good cat, he didn't mind at all, but we didn't let them stay there for long.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Locked out at the air show

As we were getting our gear out of the minivan someone (he shall remain nameless) locked the keys in the van!! We decided to worry about it when we got back. At the airshow Tommy was able to find a coat hanger.

Luckily we had left the windows cracked. Tommy set to work breaking into the Toyota Previa with a coat hanger. Reeve couldn't believe it...

About 15 minutes later Tommy had succesfully unlocked the vehicle :-)
The kids were exhausted from the day and had a peaceful ride home.