Sunday, May 09, 2010

Spelunking Trip

On Friday, April 30th, (Stella's 1st Birthday) we went on a Spelunking (exploring caves) Field Trip with our Homeschool Cooperative. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed a nice hike up to the cave located near Boaz, WI (about a 50 mile drive for us).
The above picture was taken on the edge of the cave.
Kyle and his good friend Ben before they go deep beneath the earth.
Pop's Cave (aka Big Bear Cave) is located in Richland County, WI and it is HUGE! I did not venture down into the cave because I had Stella on my back and we didn't have a helmet for her :) (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!).
The cave is 645 feet in length! The group was underground for almost 1.5 hours. After you climb down the rocky ledge, down the breakdown slope you enter into the 1st cavern that has an amazing height of 16'. Reeve and Kyle LOVED it underground. There were huge caverns of 23 feet in height to narrow passages (one was called the birth canal) of 1' in height.

Reeve took the camera down, but we're having trouble with our new camera not liking the old camera's memory card. I just got a new memory card, so hopefully we won't have this problem where when we go to take a picture it says it doesn't like the memory card. Then we have to turn the camera off and on, off and on, off and on, until it decides to like the memory card and let us take a picture. Ugh! So Reeve was only able to take a couple (2) of pictures underground. come the brave adventurers returning to the surface...
Stella and I enjoyed our time above ground...walking barefoot in the pine needles...
No longer a a toddler...on her 1st Birthday!!!