Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas a little early

We were all a little excited to see what the new tent would look like, so we opened this one present a little early. We love it! I think it will suit our needs just fine. It was very easy to set up and even has a room divider in the center... Yay! :-). We can hardly wait to put it to the real test this summmer.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Over 500 miles!

Tommy has logged over 500 miles on his commuter bike, and he's pumped to go another 500! I think even he is suprised at how much he loves to ride his bike to work. With no snow on the ground he's been down about not being able to snowboard. I liken it to how surfers get with no waves. Biking to work takes his mind off the lack of snow.

A good bike headlight can be priced at around $400-$500. Tom found some do-it-yourself instructions on the web, and made himself a pretty powerfull front headlight and rear-red light. We also just recently found his safety reflective vest, so he will be very visible to the other morning communters (deer included!).

One thing he was able to do with the warm weather was to clean all the road salt of his bike. Now if we could get some snow that will stick we will all be tickled :-).

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hay Day!

See the huge haystack the kids are sitting on? We moved it ALL to the muddy spots in our yard. We're having such a warm December with temps in the mid30'sF to low 40'sF and no snow that we're left with soggy soil and a few muddy spots.

Reeve and Kyle had a blast helping us move the hay. We made a nice path for the electric meter reader, path to the front garage door for the mail carriers, a path to the compost pile, and a path down to the southside of the house. We used all the hay! Now we need to get another huge round so we can mulch in the garden. We have a large portion of the garden done, but we need more :-). It really helps when we want to get started planting spinach in the very muddy spring.

These kids have a seemingly endless supply of energy! After we moved hay they wore themselves out on their 3-wheelers.

Despite my constant requests to keep a safe distance, their favorite thing to do is to race around in circles rubbing front-wheel to back-wheel. Afterwards we all went inside and calmed down by doing some yoga. It felt really good to give our muscles a yoga massage after moving all that hay!