Friday, January 13, 2012

Bandwidth Constraints

I had to take about a week off from blogging because of bandwidth limitations. We get 5GB every month and we were almost there a week ago, so I took some time off from the 'ol 'puter (as Stella calls it). Our new month starts on the 13th, so now I'm good to go.
We enjoyed a wonderful visit from my folks...our first visitors to our big island home. They made it home safely and have survived the 6 hour time difference.
Reeve and Kyle are back in school and happy to be back with their friends. Stella is getting used to our old routines again. Tom had a week in Kona working on a solar project. We are still in the application process for his Electrical and HVAC Contracting licenses...what a STRESSFUL process! Wish us luck!
Here are a few more project pictures from our productive visit with my parents.
 Above: Reeve helping Tommy with another shelf. We calculated our living space to by 24'x20', so about 480sq. ft! We're finding that with a family of 5 we can't have enough shelves.
Below: New desk for the office/Kyle's room. We also have no closets! This is okay because I think during the rainy season anything and everything stored in a closet would get musty/moldy. Here, we need everything out in the open getting sun and breezes from ceiling fan or open windows.
 Below: New shelves in the kitchen.
 New shelves between office/Kyle's room and bathroom.
 New shelves by front door.
 New shelves on the other side of Reeve's room.
 Below: Dad and Tommy making the desk structurally strong.
 Below: Enjoying our brand new home-made table! A friendly game of Chinese Checkers.
 We had a really tiny stove in the kitchen. I couldn't even fit my pizza stones in it! We haven't made any home made pizza since April 2011! Way too long! We had bought a larger stove and Tom and my Dad cut the cabinets and were able to fit it in the kitchen perfectly.
 Reeve and Kyle showing Stella how to use "Keynote" on the i-pad. They both present a "keynote" presentation every month at school and can now work on these presentations at home as well as at school...thanks to the i-pad we so generously received for a Christmas present.
 There are 2 bedrooms in this for Kyle and one for Reeve. We've done away with beds because there is just no room for them. Everyone sleeps in a hammock and the one for the parents (& lil' Stella) is stretched out in the living room. It is so easy to store away in the morning.
Reeve took the hammock pictures. Sorry about the mess. I WILL get it organized one of these days!
My only complaint about the hammocks is that NO ONE wants to get out of them in the morning when we need to get up and ready for school/work/etc... I've never had a more comfortable sleep. I love gently rocking to sleep each night.