Friday, May 11, 2007

Washer Woes & Dandelions Everywhere

Our little Whirlpool washer has been through a lot... Practically 5 solid years (between Reeve and Kyle) of washing cloth diapers and seven years total of use. It's on the "cold" side of the house and this winter it had some fairly icy water running through it's veins, but it's managed to survive it all quite nicely... In fact I remember many moons ago when it doubled as a kitchen counter!

Tommy took this pic of it taken apart. This week it's been acting up, and flooded the laundry room. Tom got some tips from his appliance repair guru Jim and was able to fix it. He did a good job because I can definitely tell a difference. The clothes are coming out MUCH cleaner...all this time I thought it was the home-made laundry detergent that I was using. I thought it just wasn't working, but actually it was the washer! I'm glad it's fixed, but I was kinda hoping for a new stainless-steel front loading washer...darn!

Slowly but surely I've been working on the garden. So much to little time... Here's a pic of the remaining transplants yet to go in the garden. Like a fool I thought for sure I'd remember what they were without writing them down, but now I can't recognize some of them???? I know there's tomatoes, basil, marigolds, cabbage, broccolli, and something else that I can't identify at the moment. If any garden gurus can identify the little tiny clusters of plants next to the basil I'd sure appreciate it. Also I'm not sure what's in the top container on the right??? If you click on the picture it will appear larger and will be easier to see what I'm talking about.

The above pic is of the little flower patch we planted in September when my folks came to visit... as well as a visit from Ed :). I'm really looking forward to when those Irises bloom! We also have daylillies and black-eyed susans...THANKS MOM AND DAD :).

I'd like to say we could mow our entire lawn with the human powered mower, but alas it doesn't do thick weeds and other problem areas in the lawn very well. The other day I was using the gas push mower and Reeve was using the human powered mower. He loves it, and it sure is nice to have some help! Now that Tommy's repaired the washer he NEEDS to repair the riding lawn mower!!! Yes I admit it I've been spoiled and I can't bear to think of mowing the mound system and front yard without sitting on my arse ;). It just goes soooo much faster on the riding lawn mower and I don't get blisters on my hands!