Wednesday, August 23, 2006


We only have 3 cucumber plants, but more cucumbers than we can eat. There's more out there to harvest, but yesterday weeding took top priority (look at the bottom pic and you'll see why). To date I've canned a total of 17 quarts of pickles. We tasted my first batch (6 quarts) before I made more, and I was really suprised at how good they were. They're a tad vinegary and slightly salty, but I wanted to be on the safe side. The kids love them and request cheese-pickle sandwiches all the time. The greatest part is that pickles are so easy to can. It's not a chore like putting up tomatoes. I also used dill from the garden, so they're dill pickles.

We're also starting to harvest the carrots. These are small ones, and don't worry I washed them well before the little guys put them in their mouths. Nothing compares to carrots fresh picked from the garden. The taste is 1000% better than store bought carrots. I also have to ad that I did weed in the garden last night and it looks MUCH better than in this picture. I also need to mow, and hopefully I'll get to that sooner than later. It might be later because we're forcasted to have 4 days of rain, so it'll be nice and long when I do get around to cutting it.