Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back from Indiana

We made it back safely from our trip to Indiana. The Illinois roads were horrible! Filled with gigantic potholes on the Interstate...I thought for sure I was going to blow a tire. I tried to avoid them, but they came up out of nowhere. Luckily it was perfect driving conditions otherwise...a nice cloudy day with no rain. We left Indy with temps in the 60's and we came back to Wisconsin with fresh snow on the ground! As a matter of fact this morning we got about 2 more inches of snow...Hello! It's mid-April? Will it ever warm-up?

We had an excellent visit to my folks house in Indiana. Reeve and Kyle love to go to the zoo. It's hard to see the animals in tanks and behind bars, but this zoo does talk a lot about conservation and saving the animals.

Kyle tried to pet a shark, but couldn't quite reach one. He took a million pictures of this dolphin before the show...he's so excited to see them after they get developed.

At first we weren't sure if they really wanted us to see the dolphins...

I guess Indy likes to keep it door for entrance & exit.
We saw a new sign this time with Reeve's name on it

We had no idea that this little Muntjac was named after him.

They got a kick out of standing by this Laughing Turtle

I took this pic before we saw the movie "Nim's Island." Now when we look at it all we can think of is Fred from the movie. Reeve wanted to see the movie for his 8th Birthday. It was a very cute movie, but we all thought it was too short. Fred is a bearded lizard and a great friend of Nim.

More pics of the Indy visit to come. Also I'll post an updated pic of the Four Season's cross-stitch. I'm done with the Spring chair and I've started Summer. We got crafty in Indy and Reeve & Kyle started their own craft project. My Mom taught me how to knit and we're working on a project together. Now when I get tired of the cross-stitch project I can go knit. I'm going to start some seeds indoors today...