Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 From Wisconsin

First post of the New Year! We are enjoying a relatively mild, imho, winter...temps have been steady around the 20F mark...anything above 20F is a good winter day in my book. We've also had a nice mix of sunny days to get our solar thermal system cranking out the heat...just can't beat that.
 Stella loves to dress up to go out in the "Snooooo", as she calls it.
 Doesn't she look like a little lady with her purse and head wrap?
 Reeve asked Kyle to bury him in the snow...silly kids mistook the snow for sand...he wasn't too warm on our walk with his clothes all soaked from the snow.
 Stella was nice and warm and ready to gooooo.

 We looked both ways before she crossed the street.
 On a different day she wanted to carry her bunny in a front pack like I carry her when we go on a walk.
You can see her in my pack in this shadow picture I took as the sun was setting.

 Stella in front of our mega heat producing solar hot water panels.