Monday, July 19, 2010

Stella Little Helper, Cherries, and Apples

Stella LOVES to help with the laundry. At 14 months, she is a very good helper!
Kyle is not in these pictures because he avoids helping me. He'll stay out in the sweltering heat all day, without hardly eating, to help Tom, but when it comes to helping me...he vanishes!
This is Stella's favorite task. She does it wholeheartedly and without distraction. Reeve is also very good at hanging the laundry and working with Stella.
Back for more...
You want to help Mama? can hang this up...
Back to work...
Having fun...looking cute...
Our cherries are all gone now, but they were tartly delicious this year...
Our apple trees have a nice looking apples growing right now... is Kyle...hanging out at the creek...laughing at his cleverness to avoid working with me?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stella & Beets and the Little Gnome Men

Where does the time go? All of our time lately has been dedicated to our business and to selling our house. Selling the house...a good summer project that I highly recommend. There's nothing like having complete strangers come through your house on a regular basis to light the fire under your feet to get you moving to clean it up! 
Speaking of cleaning's some pics we took at the end of June of lil' Stell enjoying some pickled beets. 

She LOVES pickled beets and salad greens. We watch her carefully b/c she has no molars, but man does she love whole foods. Foods that are NOT easy to eat without molars, like salad greens, she just loves them! What can we do? She sees us all eating and she wants to eat what we're eating. The kid has an appetite!

Here...have some beet Papa!

Yeah! Food! Hooray! The messier the better!
Here have's really good. And when I'm done I'll put my bowl on my head...just to make sure I get a shower tonight!
One day we all had the crafting bug and decided to make these sweet little gnome men all holding hands to be placed around a candle. I got the idea from a friend's blog and we had all the supplies, so we tried it out.
Reeve and Kyle were very into it
Stella wanted to help too...
Great hand/eye coordination.
I definitely need to rework the design/instructions. Our gnome men were just a tad too small and the hats we measured barely fit their big heads.
Kyle got the farthest with his, and he woke up early the next morning to finish it.
Sadly, this project, like oh so many others, did not get finished. I was frustrated with the design. Reeve got bored with it, and then Stella got a hold of Kyles almost finished ring of gnomes (he just had to glue their hats on) and she decapitated all the men!
Kyle was crushed, and we tabled the project for another day.