Saturday, August 04, 2007

More pics from Oshkosh

Reeve got to make a plane too, but wouldn't you know it BOTH planes are now broken...that didn't last long.

We saw a LOT of really neato looking planes, but they were really out of our price league. For example a couple of the ones we liked were around 500k!!!!! YIKES :-)

We briefly went to the actual air show, but it was EXTREMEMLY noisy. Reeve DID NOT like it at all.

We left after about an hour. As we were leaving it looked like bombs of billowing black smoke were added as special effects. It was nasty...we felt like we were leaving a war zone.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Experimental Aircraft Show in Oshkosh

Last weekend we went the the Experimental Aircraft Show in Oshkosh, WI (about 2hrs west of us). It was VERY hot, but the kids had a great time!
So did Tommy,

They had motorized mini planes on wires that you can fly around in a circle. The kids went's Reeve

Then it was Kyle's turn

They get pretty dizzy spinning around in a circle

After that we went to the Kid Venture tent where the kids got to make their own wind up planes.

We learned about a pretty cool free website that is a flight simulator game. I can barely get Kyle away from the computer to eat. When he start he doesn't want to get off. I've limited his time to Friday afternoon and Saturday morning ONLY. Here is the link... if that doesn't work just google fms.