Saturday, March 17, 2012

End of Spring Break ~ Reeve's Camera

All of these pictures were taken by Reeve.
Some were taken weeks ago...others were taken just recently. Reeve has set his camera to put the date on them. We've enjoyed a great week off from school. The boys are anxious to get back because they both say they've done too many chores this week. I've enjoyed not having to be tied to the school's schedule, not having to drive to drop them off/pick them up, and not having to worry about packing them a lunch. It's so much easier to make something fresh or re-heat leftovers.
Below: Kyle working on a school report on an American Artist. He chose Walt Disney.
 Random picture of Stella.
 Reeve and Kyle both bought themselves a fedora hat. This is Stella modeling Reeve's fedora. He says he feels respected in his hat, and we both agree that he looks a bit like Cary Grant...just because of the cleft in his chin (inherited from my paternal Great Grandmother) and the hat.
 Stella giving Reeve a look...
 I planted some tomatoes and arugala.
 I bought this tea plant at market last Sunday. Tomorrow I will find out the name of it. The tea is similar to an "orange" tasting tea. Behind the tea plant is a front loading washer that we scored from freecycle...we're hoping to convert it to a bicycle powered washer.
 I bought a new pruning saw to help reduce the foliage around the house (it harbors mosquitoes). Reeve went to town on some strawberry guavas (an invasive). We have so many of them that getting rid of a few will still leave us with too many. They are a small seedy guava...the ducks like to eat the fruits. I think Reeve could have cut the trees lower to the ground, but it was a good first attempt.
 The start of our firewood pile...for when we have an outdoor fire in the fire pit, or saving up for a wood fired spa and/or sauna.
 Stella...notice the kiddy pool on top of the deter ducks from going up there.
 Reeve made a few sling shots from the strawberry guava he cut down.
 Reeve...a self portrait.
Today the boys helped watch Stella while I was in a 3 hour Monk Seal Response Training. I'm now trained to be able to respond when a monk seal comes ashore. Volunteers are needed to educate the public and protect the public (and vice versa) from one of the world's most endangered species. Also the world's oldest species of seal.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hapuna Beach Party

Yesterday was the beach birthday party, for the girl I made the bag for. It was a lot of fun at Hapuna Beach, and the girl DID appreciate the messenger bag, and book. Whew!
It takes just over 2 hours (driving Laura slow style) to get to Hapuna Beach from our house. 
 Why have we not been to this beach before now??? We will definitely be back!
(Below) Reeve is the 3rd kid in from the left and Kyle is the 4th...Reeve wore a red t-shirt.
Stella had fun in the "o-sh"...her way of saying ocean...kinda sounds like she's saying "oh shi*". I took her out and we battled small to medium waves. When a big one would come I just held her over my head as I went under.
Below...Reeve is 2nd in from the left and Kyle is 2nd in from the right.
 Below...Reeve catching a wave.
 I didn't catch any  on film, but I did see a couple of humpback whales breaching in the distance!!
 Reeve and Kyle had a great time boogey boarding, playing beach volleyball (for the 1st time!)

 ...and a couple of games of "chaos tag." All the kids on the beach were invited and included in the chaos tag...didn't matter if they didn't know you or you were 2yrs old...everyone played and from my vantage point looked to be having an awesome time.
 The last round of chaos tag was played in the ocean.
 A fun time was had by all. Bonus: We got to listen to Prairie Home Companion for the 2 hour drive back home...gotta love public radio. Double Bonus: We ate chips and salsa for dinner when we got home!