Friday, July 30, 2010

Backyard Pool

This is the pool that Kyle was supposed to be born in...but, like most things with Kyle he was in a rush and we didn't have time to even fill it up. Since then we've used it every summer as a backyard jacuzzi...our country spa. Normally we heat it super hot with tubes heated from our solar panels. This year it we are revamping our solar hot water system...upgrading from 4 panels to 10...and it has been way too hot to heat the pool. The kids were seeking a cool retreat from the heat. Tommy doesn't get his hot water soak like he used to, but I'm enjoying cooling off in there with Stella.
Stella loves it! I have to drag her out...she can stand in there and she doesn't mind slipping and going under. It makes my heart stop, but she is a water baby!
Reeve won a snorkel set from the Library...they give prizes for reading...he kindly lets Kyle play with it for hours on end.
Good, clean, summer fun!
The black "pool" that Stella is balancing on was put there so the kids could wash the grass off their feet before they got into the big pool. Stella preferred this little pool to the big one.
Isn't she cute? She makes us all smile all the time!
She's so tough! And she's so independent! What a little personality she has!
She rarely stops moving...always something to do next...
busy, busy, busy...which is why I've slacked on the posts...hope to bring up the slack in the next few days!