Tuesday, July 04, 2006

End of the Monarch pics... I think!

Well we have one more Monarch yet to hatch, but here are the boys with the second Monarch to hatch this year.

Finally we let the butterfly dry its wings some more on the apple tree by our garden.

Kyle & the Monarch... Part2

Kyle was a good sport while I took pictures of the Monarch crawling all over his face. This happened to Reeve last year, and he wasn't about to let that Monarch on his face this year, so Kyle's the poster Monarch child this year.

Kyle and the Monarch... Part1

Kyle was initially upset that Reeve got to hold the Monarch first. So in this first pic Kyle is showing how cool he can be without smiling. This picture was taken after Kyle decided to run around the house to get out some of his agression for not being first.

The Monarch quickly lightened Kyle's mood and proceeded to crawl all over his face, which of course cheered him up. How many people can say they've had a newborn butterfly crawl all over their face?

Reeve & the Monarch

Reeve didn't want the Monarch to go on his head this year, so here's some conservative Reeve shots.

Butterfly Independence!

We had a great 4th of July with the Birth of the Monarchs from their chrysallises.

Country Jacuzzi

Tom rides his bike to work, so when he comes home he goes in his Country Jacuzzi! Reeve & Kyle love this, and make him create a whirlpool. Kyle is usually in the center of the vortex, and a couple of times it has dragged him under. They all love it. I haven't warmed up to it quite yet. I still think a solar heated hot shower is more my cup of tea.

Monarchs Getting Ready

Well we knew last night that the Monarchs would soon be emerging from their chrysallises. Their chrysallis becomes super clear and you can acutally see their black & orange wings! It's incredibly beautiful and hard to capture with a 2 pixel digital camera.


Thought I'd get some red, white, & blue stripes for the 4th of July. I was so busy weeding the garden, mowing the weeds, and trying to keep cool with a shirt that obviously didn't fit me!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Farm Babies

Friday I rode my bike with both boys in the Burley wagon. HEAVY! We went to my friend Brenda's place because the kids wanted to see Brenda's baby calf, chicks, rabbits, and puppy.
I never did get a good picture of the baby calf. The little calf was very shy. The ride there was all downhill. On the way home I made Reeve & Kyle get out of the Burley and we all walked up the very steep hill. We've been told that when they built the road they didn't follow any steepness or grade standards and the hill is actually illegally steep. There's been a few times after a snow that Tom cannot make it up the hill in his car... even after it's been plowed. When that happens he has to go about 7 miles out of his way to come home on the other side of the hill.