Friday, June 05, 2009

Where does the time go?

I can hardly believe it's June already...where did May go? Stella is 5 weeks old. No pictures from this week because our little Stella is overcoming some "baby acne." This usually happens around week 4 and is gone by week 6. It is getting better, but I'm not going to take any pictures of her that she will be upset by when she's a teenager. Tom and I are still dreading the "teenage" years, we're not too worried about the boys, but a teenage girl is scary to both of us.
A friend of ours sent Stella this adorable little handmade bonnet and felted wool shoes.

I hope to get some better pictures of her actually wearing it outside.

Reeve and Kyle missed out on these shirts because Reeve was born before she started giving them out and when Kyle was born she had run out of the boys shirts and then just forgot to send him one.

I think Stella looks cute in hers.

How has Stella been? She's been great. She still has her moments of angst at night, but there have been several nights where she went to bed without a screaming tirade. The other night she was crying and I'm pretty sure it was because Reeve and Kyle were still up and she could hear them while I was trying to get her to sleep. She was very tired. She was dry, well fed, not too hot...she can't stand to wear uncomfortable things to bed, and had been held more than long enough to work out any burps. I was very patient with her and when my arms were tired from holding her...because she doesn't cry when she's held...I laid her down on the bed....booom! The crying begins. I just put my hand on her belly and tried to comfort her while she wailed in my ear...then, like magic, she stopped. She looked at me, then slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep. She's done this several times now where she'll be really crying hard, then all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, just stop and be totally calm.