Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reeve's Snow Couch & Mohawk!!!

Our snow is all gone (almost...pretty much!) and so I should post these pictures of Reeve and his snow couch and table.
I think our snow days are over for awhile. Temps here will be in the 50's all next week!
March always brings a bit of madness into our lives...Reeve decided long hair was not for him, and asked me to give him a Mohawk haircut. "Really? Are you sure?", I asked him. Why? ...because he said it would be cool. There are only 2 places that I know of where Reeve has seen a Mohawk and that's on our friend Tim and in the Little House on the Prairie book series.
After it was complete...I goofed up the back and just shaved the back off...Reeve thanked me for giving him the best haircut he's ever had. He spent hours making goofy faces at himself in the mirror. Stella and Kyle were thoroughly amused! Reeve said it made him feel like a real Native the ones we've seen in the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I wonder how long he will want to keep it? He's itching to show the world and absolutely cannot wait until our home school group day on Tuesday.
No one had any help for our camera...I have a new one ordered...hopefully more pictures are in the future for this blog...more pictures without the blurry~green~tinged~look!