Monday, April 09, 2007

Reeve's 7th Bday & Tom's Airport Antics

The kids and I had a peaceful Easter at home with my Mom. She arrived Saturday and we had Reeve's 7th Birthday celebration Saturday evening because Tom was flying to New York on Easter Sunday.

Reeve was thrilled with everything he received, but most of all he was thrilled just to be 7 years old. He was proud to tell Kyle that he will be able to drive a car in just 9 years, and that he was 3 years closer to being 10, which will be really something in Reeve's mind. He's so mature already. We've been wanting a Foosball table for some time now, so what better way to get what you want than to give it as a gift to someone in your household :-). It was Reeve's lucky day. We got a combo table, and Reeve's favorite was the pool table. He took it quite seriously!

It's a good height for Reeve and Kyle to play, and it's provided endless fun already.

Sunday morning Tommy made us all breakfast and then he left for the airport. We colored Easter Eggs with the kids

and I hid them around the inside of the house (too cold to go outside!). They liked the indoor hunt because they said it was more challenging.
Then I made "cookie cake"... it's this lazy Mom's version of cookies and Birthday cake. We don't eat sweets much and I think I put candles on a pizza last year for Reeve's birthday. This year I decided to give him a surprise. I just took a cookie recipe and spread it out on a jelly roll sheet to bake. They loved it, and it was terribly easy. It tasted great even though I cut out half the sugar and used honey.

Now it's time for Tom's Airport Antics:
When Tommy told me his airport woes I was wishing I had gone to the bathroom first. I was okay, but it was a close call. You might want to pause at this point and go to the bathroom... it's pretty funny what happened. Don't worry I'll wait...

Maybe I'm twisted, but this cracked me up. Are you ready?

I have to rewind and tell you what happened Saturday evening. Reeve had opened his presents and Tommy decided to empty the ash in the wood boiler. Normally, in the winter, there is snow on the ground and he can go spread the ash outside as he pleases. You might recall last Fall I started a small fire in the compost pile after I had put some straw in there for aeration and then some hot wood ash. I wasn't thinking. Well Tommy wasn't thinking Saturday evening and he spread the ash around an apple tree that had straw mulch around it. Yes the ash was hot, and yes he started a fire. He was playing pool with Reeve when he looked out the window and saw flames blazing around the apple tree. My first instinct was to get some water. Tom's first instinct was to run out there and stomp on the fire. Between the two of us the fire was successfully squashed. I didn't think any more of it, and neither did Tom.

Now just file that little bit of info for now.

It's been over 10 years since Tommy's flown on a plane, and so my Mom was trying to prepare him for what to expect. She suggested that he get there at least 30-45 minutes early for his domestic flight out of La Crosse, WI. She also warned him that he would need to take of his shoes, and we talked extensively about the shoe bomber, etc... I suggested that he wear sandals, but he didn't want to look funny wearing sandals with socks. Whatever... I wear socks with sandals all the time... I think it's comfy.

Well Tom was given bad directions to the airport and arrived about 30 minutes early. When he got there there was no one at the check-in desk and he began to ring the help bell at the desk... maybe just a tad impatiently.

Someone came and they proceeded to check him in and sent him along for the security check. The alarm rang when his bag went through the metal detector. The pushed it through a second time, and it went off again. They then proceeded to remove all contents from his bag to find out what was tripping the alarm. Meanwhile Tommy is taking of his shoes.

HE WORE THE SAME SHOES HE USED TO SQUASH THE APPLE TREE FIRE! Now all eight security guards were curious. His shoes smelt like smoke, but that's not all. These must be his favorite pair of shoes, because no sane person would have picked these shoes to wear to the airport. He loves these shoes so much that he's repaired them with... are you ready for this... DUCT TAPE! Yes folks, he wore smoky-smelling-duct-taped shoes to the AIRPORT! I think sandals with socks would have been a better decision, but that's just me.

I can't imagine what's going through the guard's heads as he's explaining the apple tree fire and duct tape. Then they find what was setting off the alarm. He used a bag that we often take camping, and he didn't give it a good look over before he packed his clothes in it. Hidden in a small zipper pocket was a BOX CUTTER! Can you believe it? This could only happen to Tom! Luckily he was able to convince the guards that he was not a danger to society and he just barely made his flight.

He told me this after he made it to his hotel room in Pulaski, New York. He was laughing, and after I regained my composure I asked him if I could take notes. So he knew this was going on the blog.

Well that's it... I thought it was hilarious, and I'm glad I wasn't there! :-) Now I need to suggest that he buy a new pair of shoes before he leaves via a New York airport! I don't think in New York that they'll be so easy on a guy with smoky smelly duct taped shoes.