Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I feel very lucky to have one of the Greatest Dad's in the whole world! He's ALWAYS there for us when we need him, and he gives the best well-thought advice. Countless numbers of times recently and in the past we've consulted him for advice and we've always benefited from it. THANK YOU DAD! WE LOVE YOU!

Here are some family & friends pictures from our visit to Winnipeg.
I like the fact that we all separately chose to wear lime green that day.

Did you know Winnipeg has French Quarter? This was something I did not know. I wish this picture had not been so bright in the background, but behind my lovely family is the gorgeous St. Boniface Cathedral. The majority of it was destroyed in a fire in 1968 and they left the ruins up and built a new cathedral behind them.

This is my Great Aunt Louise. She is Great in more ways than one! She ALWAYS remembers to to send us a card for EVERY occasion. I don't know how she does it, but I admire her tremendously for it.

We visited with my Mom's friends in Winnipeg. They traveled from Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Texas, and Indiana for their Nursing Reunion. Everyone stayed at Sonja's. Sonja and her sisters Chrissy & Linda grew up with my Mom in the back woods of Ontario. I loved the stories they all shared.

This is truly the neatest group of women I have ever met. We had such a great time.

Reeve and Kyle LOVED climbing this tree. Reeve's been longing to climb a real tree for quite some time.

Kyle LOVED Sonja's sauna.

They were in heaven eating this cake.

After cake...snuggle time!

I took my cross-stitching project on the trip, and I finished the Summer Chair. One more season to go!